Where do the Programs take place?

NinjaGym® / RTMS students may indeed train in one focused location or they may travel and train in the mountains one day and on on the beach the next. In a way, it is definitely about location – but more so: location, location, location.

The current long term martial arts & fitness program is located in on the tropical island of Ko Samui in Thailand. The Summer Camps and Tours take place in California.

Ko Samui

Koh Samui Island 

Nestled in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia and the second largest island in Thailand. It is well-known for its coconut trees, various beaches, amazing nightlife and beautiful green mountains, not to mention a plethora of luxury resorts, health retreats, and martial art camps.

Compare various flight rates using Google Flights into Bangkok, Phuket (non-stop available), LAX and Fresno (for California visits). You can also fly directly to Koh Samui, as the island has its own International airport too.

What will I learn?

  • Flexibility and breathing
  • Physical fitness
  • Food and diet
  • Visualization and meditation
  • Principles of combat
  • Hand to hand combat
  • Gymnastics and stunts
  • Kicking and punching
  • Weapon and training tools
  • Mental achievement strategies
  • Ground fighting and grappling
  • Climbing and wilderness skills
  • Stealth Invisibility skills
  • Holistic awareness and meditation


To list or label the training you will be receiving is impossible if we are to keep from setting limitations on our ability. This guideline is simply a cloud that hangs over the world of Rick Tew’s Martial Science / Ninjitsu.

We have 5 Levels to our System and each level contains 18 skills or lessons to be learned. If you signed up for Level 1 Certification, that will be your focus. You can see the entire list of lessons per level by visiting the TRAINING page.

How are Classes taught?

All students are taught by either Sensei Tew, Assistant instructor or higher ranked member of the program. Students will also be trained by course instructors that specialize in unique topics (firearms, Muay Thai, Grappling etc.).

Because this is a long-term program at a short-term price, you will need to prove your passion the first month by studying under previous students who are learning to be Instructors. You too will get this opportunity to teach.

Students will get training that they need to focus on and master each week while testing for new levels each month.

Assistant instructors and experienced students will lead many of the training lessons. Remember, self-power is required at all martial art and fitness camps – we do not hold your hand.

Students must expect a lot of hours training in order to level. So those that are serious about a career in the martial arts will still need to put in some of their own disciplined time mastering skills (very often on their own after class).

What is Self-Powered training?

Focus at the Camp is based on self-powered training. This requires a massive amount of your own discipline and motivation. Although we are here to teach, it is up to you to wake up and get to the class. We will not hold your hand or constantly be telling you what to do. Your success in this program is up to you and only you. We provide the tools, guidance, motivation and we will be there to push you – but you need to be pushing too.

What Gear do I need?

Bring a great attitude and items you will need for personal performance. For most people, you will want to have the appropriate gear for living on an island (clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, etc.).

Please note that as part of the training, you will want to have your own training gear. At a minimum, you need a training outfit which consists of a RTMS t-shirt/polo and black martial arts pants. We often use black Action Shorts which are more comfortable in the heat. If you are really serious about learning weapons, then it is important that you get your own gear in order to practice with. If you want to spar, you need your own gear. We have compiled several Gear Packages for you. You can review and purchase gear for all of our programs HERE ON THE PRODUCT ORDER PAGE.

In addition to the above gear for training, you should also ensure that you have the right gear for travel, adventure, and climbing (such as approach shoes, a harness and sleeping bag).

What does the Program offer?

A new way of life – a dream and a chance to travel. The purpose of the program is to educate and train motivated individuals via the martial arts and adventure travel.

Our program is based on our concept of Mind, Body and Spirit. Rick Tew’s Training Camp / College Martial Science / Ninjitsu is more of a personal discovery that teaches students martial arts / outdoor adventure and alternative methods for learning and self-enhancement. This is done by an instructor that has been living the life for more than 20 years, unlike our competitors which offer instruction from beginners usually looking to simply cash in on the Ninja Camp market. Our program and instruction simply can not be beaten.

We offer programs that will enable individuals to make use of their environment in order that they may focus on personal development.

The programs are designed to give the student intense focus on training that embodies the essence of Mind, Body, Spirit and Martial Science training.

NOTE: the schedule is determined by Master Instructor – Rick Tew, it is the student’s responsibility to adjust to any changes in programming.

Students will also reserve time for keeping the program in order and taking care of personal issues. All in all, the program is flexible enough to allow personal growth or relaxation and intense enough to offer a valuable training program.

What are the Selection Criteria?

We accept applicants as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • At least 16 years of age (with permission).
  • Have no health or physical handicaps that keep you from following the program.
  • Have no obligations that keep you from following the program.
  • You get along well with other people and don’t have a temper or bad attitude.
  • Self-motivated, hard working and self-disciplined.
  • Are a non-smoker (yes, we are serious) and interested in eating healthy.
  • Have a desire to learn martial arts and live a lifestyle of adventure.

NOTE: We pride ourselves on offering training to build around your own strengths and weaknesses. If you are physically handicapped and have your doctor’s permission – we will be more than happy to accept you into our program.

Are Foreign Students accepted?

Yes, we accept students from all over the world.

It is important that when traveling that all foreign students simply get a tourist visa – or the regular visa they would get as if just traveling or vacationing. Since we operate programs phases under 3 months – you can manage to fit this program into your allowed visiting time of 60-90 days (with a tourist visa).

Can I be Rejected after I arrive?

Yes, if you fail to abide by the program rules and regulations (you can read these prior to signing up) we reserve the right to cancel your program without refund. Once you sign up for the program we expect your 100% commitment. You will be rejected or removed from the program if you refuse to follow the rules (such as striking another student or getting drunk on the property). You must arrive with an empty cup and be prepared to work and train hard.

This is the key element for any of Rick Tew’s Training Camps. If you are negative, then you will only find struggle. Those that last are those that are the most adaptable to change. All of our programs are a challenge and you will leave much stronger than when you arrived.
The stronger the wind the stronger the trees

Rick Tew’s NinjaGym® / College Martial Science / Ninjitsu will test your patience and force you to meet face to face with your weaknesses. Learn to release and let go, focus on a positive mentality for the duration of your stay. A bad attitude can bring down the entire group and will be grounds for dismissal from the program. This includes behavior – mental or physical. You have a lot to gain from this program, so help us – help you.

What if I have little experience in the Martial Arts?

We accept everyone. So martial arts experience is NOT required. However, it would help if you’re a health conscious person and like the outdoors. As far as the martial arts is concerned, it is easier for us to train you if we don’t have to break old habits. If you have a great attitude and get along well with others, then this program might be for you. Some members will join to focus simply on taking part in the martial arts, losing weight or have an adventure. This is okay – the idea is that you are here to have fun, yet truly motivated to grow.

NOTE: Our programs are not just for martial artists or people looking to teach the martial arts. It is for anyone who wants an adventure and wouldn’t mind learning the martial arts at the same time.

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