Martial Arts & Adventure Summer Camp California


Join Master Instructor Rick Tew as a Limited Private Group Student in Fresno, California this July for up to one month of martial arts training and optional weekend adventure in Yosemite National Park.  Available only once a year!

This Program is for students that want to invest time each day (typically 3-6 hours) into learning Rick Tew’s Martial Science and Modern American Ninjitsu which includes multiple martial art skills (strikes, kicks, weapons, self-defense, stances, rolls, falls, etc), Al students will get a complete course in the arts of mind, body and the spirit.

You can also purchase our Adventure Upgrade where each weekend we venture out to Yosemite National Park for adventures and outdoor activities like climbing, hiking, and camping.

The Program is designed to work for students of all levels of martial arts experience. From highly motivated beginners to highly dedicated advanced students. Come for one week, two weeks, three weeks or one month!




Who Is This Program for?

A 1-4 week Martial Arts Summer Camp in Fresno California with optional Weekend Adventures in Yosemite National Park.  Great for beginning martial artists or fitness enthusiasts looking for a fun introduction to the martial arts. Also, an opportunity for Instructors looking to meet with the Master Instructor Rick Tew for in-person testing.

Furthermore, maybe you want to attend to earn your rank certification to teach martial arts or train 9-3 each day, Rick Tew’s Martial Arts Summer Camp is your chance to learn a Multi-Martial Art System, study Amercian Modern Ninjitsu and for those that want more combat training train in Ninja-MMA!

And finally, this is the most in-depth and focused martial arts summer camp in the United States.

Taught by NinjaGym® Founder and Master Instructor Rick Tew. You will be his personal student for the entire program.  In addition, Mr. Tew takes each student seriously. He wants to ensure everyone, (regardless of age or background), gets the same amount of attention.

Kids are welcome in the mornings 7-9am and adult programs are 9am-3pm and private sessions 3-5pm. All students, beginner to advanced are welcome. Because we have Students from varying backgrounds, we just require that you arrive with a positive attitude.

What Will You Learn?

This course is great for those that need a new routine.  Each day we focus on:

  • Multi-Martial arts
  • Self-defense
  • Tew’s Ninja-Yoga
  • Fun Fitness, Cross Fit, and HIIT
  • Healthy eating strategies
  • Stretching and Breathing
  • Mental martial arts
  • Success habits
  • Leadership skills

Because we see each other every day, we can help you get into a new routine that you can continue outside of the martial arts summer camp program. It is also a great way to meet new friends with unique lifestyles and similar goals.

  • Stretch daily in the martial arts and grow in Mind, Body, Spirit.
  • Weapons training for beginners and advanced Students alike.
  • Kicks Punches, Rolls, Falls, Stances, and everything the martial arts has to offer.
  • Vocational how to teach Martial Arts as a career optional.
  • Kick2Start your day with routines for a long healthy future.
  • Outdoor Adventure & Travel in Yosemite California.
  • 5 Areas of training for a complete experience.
  • Life Coaching with one-on-one Personal Focus, Mind Shift sessions.

This is Fun and Focused 7-9am Kids camp and 9-3pm adult martial arts program.  We will follow Rick Tew’s NinjaGym® Martial Science system for training.  This means that each day is unique and we only focus on the specific skill level you are at.

By the time we have completed the program, your skills and understanding will have dramatically increased.  These mental and physical skills will continue for the rest of the year (hopefully your life) as the information begins to sink in.

This is an opportunity to train the way you want to.  While some may only want 2 hours a day for 2 weeks, that still totals to 20 hours of instruction with a lifetime expert martial arts Instructor.  Perhaps you are going all-in with 5 hours a day for the whole month, which equates to over 100 hours of education.

Why Should You Come?

We wanted to provide people an opportunity to get out in the summer and learn a new skill while they develop mind, body, and spirit.  A chance to train in the martial arts, improve their health and meet other people at the same time.  All with the opportunity to adventure outdoors in places like Yosemite National Park.

We run long-term training camps in Asia (Thailand on the island of Koh Samui). This is far away for many people, so we wanted to give those that can’t travel to Thailand, a chance to experience our martial arts programs in the USA.

Mr. Tew is taking time our of his busy schedule to provide an amazing martial arts summer camp program for beginners and advanced students alike.  We offer an amazing price, so we expect students to pay with an amazing attitude.  Your willingness to learn new skills and help others will go a long way.

Here are five more reasons this program could be right for you:

  1. Focused training from Master Instructor Rick Tew, the founder of NinjaGym®.
  2. Learn outside in some of the most impressive training environments on the planet.
  3. Optional rank training and what you need to know to pass each level, step-by-step.
  4. Explore some of California, see Yosemite National Park or learn to rock climb.
  5. Attend a rare event and hear stories of adventure from Rick Tew and his life as a martial warrior.

Join now while the early-bird discount still applies and get yourself on the list for next summer.  We can even get you started and in contact with Mr. Tew so you can ask questions or start your training early.

What Is Unique About This Martial Arts Summer Camp Program?

You get to train, learn and communicate with the Master Instructor while getting private attention and focus.  Mr. Tew has lived and taught all over the world and has a diverse background with many experiences that can help you manage yours.

What Is Included?

  • Daily training with Sensei Rick Tew, 5 days per week
  • Two RTMS training t-shirts/polos

What Is Not Included?

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Weekend Trips
  • Insurance
  • Transportation
  • Training Gear
  • Personal Expenses

However, make sure to check the Upgrade Options and Gear pages to see if and how you can add these ones on to your Program!

What Are The Different Martial Arts Summer Camp Program Options?

For the Base Program, you have the option to select the duration. The Base Program included/does not include what is mentioned above. For any additional add-ons to the Program, we do offer a set of Upgrade Options.

What Are The Upgrade Options?

For this Martial Arts Summer Camp Program, we offer the following Upgrade Options. These Upgrades can be ordered from the Program Upgrades page.

  • Weekend Trips. Join Sensei Tew and his team on weekend adventure trips to Yosemite. Climbing, hiking, camping and a whole lot of fun is planned.
  • Depending on demand, we may offer an upgrade to include Shared Housing and Food for during the month. Please enquire about this.
  • Get even more out of your time with Master Instructor Rick Tew by signing up for a set of private lessons, or private life coaching sessions. Mr. Tew is a certified SI Coach by the Robbins Madanes Institute and Author of the 5 book series on personal fulfillment and execution called Winjitsu.
  • Take home your experiences in the form of a video and photo portfolio. Show off what you have learned to your friends & family and/or use it to practice the skills you have learned, once you are back home again.

Additional Upgrade Options will be added over time.

Where Will You Train?

The next Martial Arts Summer Camp will be in Fresno, California, USA and Yosemite National Park

We conduct training all outside, on the grass and for the benefits of fresh air.

When you sign up, you will get more details and information as well as a PDF with directions and instructions and ideas to help you prepare.

Fresno is the 6th largest City in California and considered to be the gateway to Yosemite National Park. It is home to many great outdoor escapes.  We use North Fresno, so you will have plenty of shops and interest points to keep you busy when you are not training.

  • Riverpark Shopping (Imax movies, REI, Restaurants and a good place to hangout)
  • Costco, Wallmart and Sam’s Club are all here if you need to shop
  • Starbucks and every kind of tea is only a hop, skip, and a flying-side-kick away

Where Will You Stay?

Since you may be visiting from out of state, your home away from home is for you to choose.  Therefore, this could be at a nearby camp, in an apartment hotel, or a shared room with us. Just mark your calendar and show up each day for some training. You can get 1-30 days of martial arts, mental programming, fitness and group fun.

In the past, Students have chosen small hotel rooms with kitchens like Extended Stay.

What Will You Eat?

What you eat is up to you, but we will provide meal suggestions so you can get the best out of the program, have lots of energy and develop a healthy eating routine.

When To Come?

We are holding the 1-4 week martial arts summer camp in the summer month of July in, California.

You can join us for the full 30 days or if your time is short, you can attend for a week or more too. We will do training 7-9am for Kids and 9-3pm for Adults. This will be Monday-Friday.

Rather than mixing the outdoor adventure part of the training with the week schedule, we will use the weekends. You will have the option to adventure in Yosemite National Park and Neighboring areas. These days are for rock climbing, rappelling, hiking, camping or just being outside. These are all optional.  You are also welcome to sign up for the Adventure Weekends too.

What To Bring?

For training purposes, bring some shorts or pants that are flexible and practical for martial arts training.  Colors should be black or gray and with no logos. If you need additional t-shirts/polos for training, you can bring your own plain, dark colored ones, or order additional outfits on our website. You can also order a Uniform, (traditional martial arts outfit). Please check the Gear page to see what you need and how to order it.

Other than that, bring a great attitude and items you will need for personal performance.

For More Information, Please Also Check The FAQ Page.


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