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Choose your desired gear to help you with training from the dropdown box below.  If you would like to purchase an upgrade (meal plan, room or private lessons, you can do so on the Upgrades page).

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Gear Pack – Complete or Starter
The Basics you need for your Martial Arts and Fitness training with Rick Tew’s NinjaGym®

Polo Shirt and Logo
Embroidered Polo Shirt with the RTMS Logo

Gear – RTMS Patch
The logo is comprised of three parts: The first is Balance (the Yin Yang Symbol). The second is the Mind, Body and Spirit triangle. The third is the Rick Tews Martial Science text. Great accessories to any uniform, hat, bag or jacket. Easy to sew on. Completely washable and colorfast.

Winjitsu and RTMS System book set
Get all 5 Winjitsu books  + the RTMS System book as a complete set. This is a great resource to add to your daily training.

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