U-CAN Experience Martial Arts Travel & Training Tour


Martial Arts, Motivation, Fitness and Adventure Tour through the Southwest of the USA.

Join us this August for up to 4 weeks as we take martial art beginners and those looking to get some outdoor adventure on a van tour through Utah, California, Arizona, and Nevada, to explore the best of the Southwest USA.   Climb the heights of Yosemite National Park (where North Face clothing gets their logo) or adventure down to the deep crevasses of the Grand Canyon. Travel and Train with us having the time of your life in some of the world’s most unique places. Join us each day learning with Master Instructor Rick Tew or appointed assistant Instructor as you travel from place to place.

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 Who Is This Program For?

The U-CAN EXPERIENCE is a Martial Arts Travel & Training Adventure Van Tour is available to everyone that is health conscious and has a desire for a fun trip across the Southwest USA. Get morning martial art lessons from Master Instructor Rick Tew, hike the heights of mountains, camp in amazing locations and experience the real outdoors.

The Program is designed to cater for men and women of all ages. Please be aware that this is a van tour and we will spend quite a bit of time on the road. So expect to make new friends fast and enjoy group dynamics.

Our programs are not just for martial artists. It is for anyone who wants an adventure and wouldn’t mind learning the martial arts at the same time.

What Will You Learn?

You will have the opportunity to participate in numerous activities. Almost every destination we stop at will be uniquely tied to a specific learning and adventure that U-CAN EXPERIENCE:

  • Martial Arts Training
  • Life Coaching
  • Management Training
  • Rock Climbing
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Sightseeing
  • Team activities
  • Photography

You will get countless hours to communicate with Rick Tew on these strategies, business ideas, management training, start-up success and of course his amazing multi-martial art system that has been taught globally for more than two decades.

Why Should You Come?

Our program used to be called CAN-U for – CAN U do it?  We offered a hardcore challenge with lots of rock climbing and even rock jumping as Mr. Tew demonstrates jumping at the Grand Canyon.  This program was limited to more hardcore Students.  Now we are focused on the motivational aspect and teaching Rick Tew’s latest personal development program called, “BLAST” for helping people to Make Life a BlAST.  So the tour is now the U-CAN EXPERIENCE for; U CAN do it!  It is also an acronym to represent the best of the Southwest United States:


So, U-CAN EXPERIENCE the best of the Southwest Too!

What Is Unique About This Program?

The Southwest is where Rick Tew grew up and he now takes travel adventurers to see what it was like to grow up in his backyard. There is no place on Earth that compares to this part of North America.  The Southwest USA offers a unique variety of environments and adventures. Our U-CAN Martial Arts Travel and Van Tour offers unmatched adventure with daily mind, body and spirit training.

Every person will walk away with unforgettable experiences, mini-martial arts lessons (that can be tailored to desired training needs), and life-coaching based on Strategic Intervention and Rick Tew’s own system called, Winjtsu.

We also incorporate the BLAST program which is a simple system designed by Rick Tew to help people to quickly find fulfillment in their lives while also having the motivation to execute and take action to achieve their personal goals.

What Is Included?

  • Morning Workout / Martial Arts Training
  • Adventure Activities
  • Transportation
  • Campground fees
  • National Part entrance fees
  • One pair of training t-shirts/polos

What Is Not Included?

  • Transportation to Tour Starting Points (pick up and drop off points)
  • Insurances
  • Food
  • Personal Expenses
  • Hotels and Upgraded housing (this you will have to organize yourself)

Your additional costs will be hotel, meals, personal expenses, and entrance fees into any theme parks like, Universal Studios or Disneyland. It is wise to bring some extra money for yourself and emergencies. You are responsible for insurance matters against accidents, sickness, and any other emergencies.

What Are The Different Program Options?

For the Base Program, you have the option to select the duration. One, two, three or four weeks. The Base Program included/does not include what is mentioned above. For any additional add-ons to the Program, we do offer a set of Upgrade Options. Please see below.

What Are The Upgrade Options?

For this Program, we offer the following Upgrade Options. These Upgrades can be ordered from the Program Upgrades page.

  • Get even more out of your time with Master Instructor Rick Tew by signing up for a set of private lessons, or private life coaching sessions. Mr. Tew is a certified SI Coach by the Robbins Madanes Institute.
  • Take home your experiences in the form of a video and photo portfolio. Show off what you have learned to your friends & family and/or use it to practice the skills you have learned, once you are back home again.

Additional Upgrade Options will be added over time.

Where Will You Train?

We train where we are. We use and adapt to our environment to teach and learn unique lessons. Every day will be a different experience. A new adventure awaits you each morning. Expect the Unexpected! One day this might be rolling around in a park on the soft green grass, the next could include climbing on a rock in Yosemite National Park.

Where Will You Stay?

We mostly spend nights camping at selected campgrounds across the country, so a sleeping bag and tent life are to be expected. Two people share a tent that we supply and this can often adjust to accommodate travelers.  You are welcome to bring your own tent too. Campgrounds are usually well equipped with toilets, showers, stores, and phones. This is not a luxury tour and participants are expected to be flexible when considering accommodations. Some places will require backcountry hiking to set up camp. In each major city (San Francisco & Las Vegas), you will stay at a hotel. These nights are not covered in the Tour expense.  You will be expected to carry your own gear, so pack light and accordingly.

What Will You Eat?

Meals are cooked over a camping stove or fire or simply eaten as pre-packaged meals from local stores. You pay for your own food. Participants share in the cooking and clean up chores. When we stay in a city, we will go out for dinner. This is also not included in the Tour Program budget.

When To Come?

We plan to depart by August 2nd (some Students may continue with us from the July summer camp in Fresno) and end our journey on August 30th. Participants should arrive in Fresno CA 1-2 days before departure. We suggest that any travel plans be set a few days after the end of the Tour – for flexibility.

If you plan to join us for a shorter time and will only participate in a specific part of the tour, we will need to coordinate pick up/drop off location, date and time. Please contact us directly for organizing this.

The route is well planned, however, in order for you to get the most out of our Tour, it is essential to adapt and be flexible. Participants have a say in what we do, which makes your Tour more exciting. Be prepared to spend some time driving as we travel from place to place within the four States.

What To Bring?

Bring a sleeping bag, some personal belongings and only what you need, in a small tough hiking backpack. Bring a set of summer and winter clothes, a jacket, hiking shoes and swimming gear. If possible, bring a good 1-3 day backpack. If you are bringing your own tent or other gear, please note this on your booking form and it should fit in or attach to your backpack.

Weather will be warm in the day and cool at night. Some places get really warm, so be prepared for a lot of Sun.

The minimum gear you need to train is a t-shirt and flexible pants or shorts that can be used for the martial arts or fitness (no brand logos please). In addition to the above, you should also ensure that you have the right gear for travel, adventure, and climbing (such as approach shoes, a harness and sleeping bag) if you are planning to participate specific activities.

For More Information, Please Also Check The FAQ Page.

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