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Shin Conditioning – To Do or Not To Do?

The Dangers of Shin Conditioning in the Martial Arts

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We recently received the question below from someone online.

“When training shins, how often should this be done?”

Here is what I say:

We don’t advise students to do too much focused trainning on their shins. What you see in the movies is unrealistic and hitting your shins with a stick to deaden nerves is rather barbaric.

You risk causing fractures and when you get older, you could develop arthritis and other issues.

Unless you are a pro fighter – be careful with how much pressure you put on your bones.

Regardless – always and only kick BAGS

Running barefoot and or with shoes that allow you to put more weight on the balls of your feet helps too.

Also – try sitting down and lifting your toes UP and feel your shin when you do this – you can feel the muscle moving forward to shield the shin bone.

Now lift your toes 200 times with resistance 🙂

When sparring – get used to lifting your toes up to add more protection when you block with your shins.

To give your body the most time for recovery – training to failure every 4 days will be enough. You need to give the body enough time to HEAL.

What are your training strategies? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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