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Sharing for a living gave me a life

“By sharing my unique style of Martial Arts and giving Motivational Edutainment workshops, I have been able to travel the world, meet amazing people, BE me, and Do what I love. I want to teach you how to be a Black Belt in what your do too.”  

NinjaGym Online Martial Arts Blinding Powder

Ninja Training
Modern Ninjitsu

NinjaGym Online Martial Arts Reaction Stance

Easy Self-Defense
Martial Art Self-Defense

NinjaGym Online Martial Art Advanced Kicks

Advanced Skills
Martial Art Kicks

NinjaGym Online Martial Arts combat stance

How to Stand
Ninja-MMA Drills

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Join our NinjaGym® Newsletter and Register to have access to the My Dojo (free courses) section of the site.  Then, you can participate in lessons as we add them.  You will want to use your real name in order for certificates and awards to go to you correctly. It is also important for open communication with the members, as part of our Private Facebook Group or as an official NinjaGym® Student and HSP Member.

NinjaGym Online Martial Arts arm bar MMA

Grappling and Jiujitsu
Ground fighting basics

NinjaGym Online Martial Arts Weapon Sai

Ancient Tools
Martial Art Weapons

NinjaGym Online Martial Arts Bow Stance

Practical Moves
Martial Art Stances

NinjaGym Online Martial Art Stunts Table Roll

Stunt Training
Martial Art Rolls & Falls

NinjaGym® Martial Arts and Fitness online course

We offer a complete martial art training system that will help anyone to improve their skills in the martial arts. The courses focus on teaching martial art stances, rolls, falls, strikes, kicks, weapons, and body movements. Core benefits include self-defense, fitness, and Ninja mind-control.

NinjaGym Online Martial Arts Side Kick

Kicking and Stretching
Martial Art Kicks

NinjaGym Online Martial Arts Low Stance

Art of Concealment

NinjaGym Online Martial Arts Handsprings

Ninja Gymnastics
Advanced Body Skills

NinjaGym Online Martial Arts Combat Phases

Combat Reality
Street self-defense

A life of Martial Arts goes into NinjaGym® Online

Rick Tew shares more than 20 years of teaching martial art classes, speaking at self-help workshops, and managing martial art camps. He has been in the Ninja scene from the beginning and continues to offer his realistic and modern martial arts concepts globally. He is the author of the 5-book series, Winjitsu – The mental martial art (chock full of practical life-hacks). Rick Tew offers edutainment speaking to groups interested in adding some kick to their event.

NinjaGym Online Martial Arts Bo Staff

Bo Staff Training
Learn Forms and More

NinjaGym Online Martial Arts Diving Roll

Advanced Rolling
Move like Jackie Chan

NinjaGym Online Martial Arts Power Stance Punch

Stances that work
How to punch

NinjaGym Online Martial Arts Round Kick

Superkick Training
How to kick

NinjaGym® for every Martial Art need

At Rick Tew’s NinjaGym® – we offer the Sensei Says Blog, a free online course to learn RTMS (Rick Tew’s Complete Martial Science and Modern Ninjitsu system),  a portal to our live martial art camps in California and Thailand and even a complete Martial Art Supply store so you can get all the gear you need to train. 

NinjaGym Online Martial Arts Horse Stance

Active Meditation
Mental Martial Arts 

NinjaGym Online Martial Arts Jump

Bodyweight Training
Move Like a Ninja

NinjaGym Online Martial Arts Combat Reality

Practical Self-Defense
Personal Security Course

Rick Tew's NinjaGym Online Martial Art Flat Fall Back

Ground Skills
Protection when down

Buy these books to be a better Martial Artist and more

Rick Tew's Winjitsu System Series

Rick Tew originally wrote the Mental Martial Art System of Winjitsu  to help students of his Martial Art Camps to better learn his Martial Art system.  It is a must read for anyone prior to training. Winjitsu is a complete Self-Help series that compliments all other training programs and is your best pre-requisite to prepare you for your own life journey.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, if you get registered now and stay on our email list, then the courses on the site are free to access and will continue as long as we add content. We do have add-on services that cost a fee (like having an instructor coach you), but none of them are required.

You need to do two things before getting access to the courses, your profile and your personal Dojo Dashboard.

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It is important to do both as we will cross reference them for validity.  To maintain your membership, you will need to be on the mailing list. You should use your real name where possible in order to get certification, rewards, points and badges.

Yes, we offer a variety of programs so that you can have real feedback, coaching, guidance and support for your training and courses. 

We offer both text based and video based reviews of your training too.

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We own where you can visit beautiful Thailand, or California for one of our Martial Art Camps or Travel Adventure Tours.

We also do a program in Thailand once a year and a martial arts summer camp in California.

If you would like private training, speaking or coaching for your group or organization, simply send us a message via the contact form.

You can access Rick Tews Sensei Says blog and article posts here on  Rick talks about everything from how to learn the martial arts at home to how to improve your martial art skills at any level. 

Rick Tew's NinjaGym Online Handspring Lesson
Level 3
Rick Tew


How to do Handsprings in the Martial Arts Coming Soon Front Hand Spring Over Stick Training at NinjaGym Martial Arts

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Rick Tew's NinjaGym Online Bent Wrist Lesson
Level 3
Rick Tew

Bent Wrist Strike

How to do a Bent Wrist Strike in the Martial Arts This strike is formed by following the steps

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