About NinjaGym®

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NinjaGym® is the organization that offers Multi-Martial Arts Camps / Ninja Training and Travel Adventure Programs that bring balance to your Mind (with the mental martial art of Winjitsu), strength to the Body (by teaching the Martial Arts) and fulfillment to the Spirit (outdoor adventure – travel and training).

Whether you want to learn how to defend yourself, be a Ninja, get in shape fast, or be part of an amazing adventure experience, we can help.

We offer a new way of life and a chance to travel. The purpose is to educate and train motivated individuals via the martial arts and adventure travel. We accept everyone. So martial arts experience is NOT required. However, it would help if you’re a health conscious person and like the outdoors.

About NinjaGym® Martial Arts Training

Rick Tew’s Martial Art System

At the foundation of every NinjaGym® program is a martial art system created by Rick Tew.  The martial arts is still the core part of all our programs, however, we realize that people have different goals, needs and wants.  So we have a unique program that specifically targets these certain individuals while providing the right level of martial arts and fitness. Some participants want to learn the old school hardcore system and push their limits in the martial arts, some people are beginners and only want a few hours a day of training while getting the chance to focus on improving or changing their lives.  Some students want to practice full-contact combat while others have no interest in getting hit in the face.  While one person might want to lose 30 pounds, another may only want a vacation that also includes learning a new routine for a healthy diet and lifestyle.  Each of our programs targets a specific need or personality type.  Please note that you can benefit from each program regardless of your background.

Rick Tew’s Martial Science (RTMS) is not just another Martial Art. RTMS is geared towards the enhancement of Mind, Body and Spirit and it is a Life-Style. We focus on developing a strong character, self-esteem, life enhancing goals, self-confidence, self-discipline, physical conditioning and building knowledge through the martial arts experience.

The Martial Science is an open-minded multi-martial art system that encompasses almost every aspect of the martial arts, with fun entertaining techniques and realistic self-defense tactics to make it a well-rounded program for beginners and advanced Students alike.

Rick Tew’s Martial Science is a combination of effective, usable, realistic martial arts principles that make it into its elite system. It is a Modern Ninjitsu system. Because students are not expected to conform to an art, they can use a scientific approach to being their best. A typical martial art can be limited to its tradition, yet RTMS is focused more on the student rather than its master. It is ever changing and it is not limited to the approach of having any labels, set kata’s or “do as I do” training. The student is in charge of his/her training and Self-Powered.

9 out of 10 participants want to join our program for training in the Martial Arts or Modern American Ninjitsu. Since this is a priority for our Students, it is important that we work hard to meet these expectations. We do this by teaching all areas of the martial arts. This includes a multi-martial arts training and concepts that are:

  • Realistic for use
  • Fun to learn
  • Interesting to do

Rick Tew’s Martial Science and Modern American Ninjitsu is a total combination of effective and applicable principles that makes it into a unique system for both beginners and advanced students alike.

The foundation of Rick Tew’s Martial Science includes a wide range of techniques that is both practical and effective. There are 5 Ranking Levels to Instructor status. Each level includes two skills from the following 9 areas of focus:

  1. Stances
  2. Rolls
  3. Falls
  4. Strikes
  5. Kicks
  6. Body Movement
  7. Knowledge (mind)
  8. Combat and Self-defense strategies
  9. Weapons

The martial arts training you will endure is a path to achieving a greater self-worth.

Self-Defense and the Personal Security Course

This training is integrated into all our in-depth martial art training programs and martial science training. So students on any of our courses will be getting training is PSC. This program teaches realistic routines to follow for practicing true self-defense. If you are interested ONLY in the PSC program and do not want to follow the other programs and routines, you will need to contact us for a custom program. Please note that if you list this as one of your goals for any of our programs, we will do our best to ensure that you learn PSC while attending one of our specialized programs.

PSC is focused on mind, body, technique and in that order. It is important to first learn theory and basic principles of psychology first. After an understanding of self-defense, you will learn physical skills that can make the difference between life or death. Finally, we focus on self-defense techniques and scenarios so you can develop reactions and learn to control your fear.

About NinjaGym® Fitness

Most people want to get in shape fast, learn a new skill or improve their overall health and at the same time, many people feel like they don’t have the time to exercise or work on self-improvement.  NinjaGym® programs allow people with real challenges a chance to escape the 9-5 environment and get away in order to eliminate some weaknesses and improve on some strengths. We also can help you with developing a routine so when you do go back home, you can still reap the rewards of consistent and never-ending improvement.  Just a few of the benefits from daily martial arts and fitness include:

  • Feel better each day overall
  • Fight the aging process
  • Have a happier outlook
  • Interrupt limiting life challenges
  • Reduce the chance to develop a future disease
  • Increase strength, flexibility, and cardio conditioning
  • Drop the fat fast

Rick originally created NinjaGym® to represent the way we do our bodyweight training and warm up in all of our martial arts and fitness programs.  Before or after class, we usually do High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) what we call a 2 minute-ninja workout following this pattern:

1 minute of high-intensity (near max effort) training on a specific physical challenge or obstacle

1 minute of rest or warm up for the next exercise by doing a low-intensity version of the upcoming drill

Typically, we would do pure bodyweight exercises like Ninja Burpees, crunches, lunges, squats, and push-ups or incorporate tools like a punching bag, kettlebells, exercise balls and gymnastic rings.  Recent studies have proven that you do not need hours in the gym to achieve the same benefits.  Science shows that you can reach your fitness goals with only a few key minutes a few times a day if you perform that training at a high intensity.  Believe it our not, you can even achieve impressive results with only a 10-minute workout every couple of days. This is possible with interval and intermittent training.

NinjaGym® Fitness

In our camps and retreats, we use various obstacles (Ninja style) that allow one to use their natural body weight for improving health and fitness.  This is a great way to work out and stay in shape because it allows you to focus on developing natural movements.  A great way for you to develop a personal fitness routine is to simply consider the natural movement one might perform in everyday life:

  • Sitting
  • Squatting
  • Lifting
  • Moving
  • Twisting
  • Stretching

Then, you simply make a workout that includes many of the above natural body movements and you have the basis for a workout.

NinjaGym® Fitness

NinjaGym® now represents the two key areas of focus in our programs and training.

  1. Martial Arts
  2. Fitness and Health

We use bodyweight training for all of our programs as the foundation for fitness and health. Our martial arts uses the body weight and combined with our multi-martial art system, you have a lot of variety. You have a great way to stay limber, quick, and in shape while improving overall conditioning.  It is our belief that a good martial arts program is the absolute best way to be fit and stay healthy.

The martial arts also provides natural muscle confusion.  Now when you first hear that term you might be a bit confused too.  Why would we want to confuse our muscles?  If you are doing the same exercise every day (riding a bike or jogging), then you are not pushing the body into new territory.  The body needs and wants variety in its exercise routine in order to grow stronger.  If you keep doing only the same exercise, the body does not develop.  Rick Tew’s NinjaGym® martial arts training provides an incredible amount of variety to supply what the body needs.  Rick Tew and the NinjaGym® Team have created programs that help you to maximize your efforts by including fun and effective martial art skills.

A Note From Rick Tew:

I have been involved with bodyweight fitness (more specifically in the Martial Arts) the majority of my life.

For more than 30 years I have been teaching Students the benefits of bodyweight training. And after all this time, it has only gotten stronger and more popular.  Now you see people trying to claim their fame for doing one arm pull-ups, gymnastics outside or taking their bodyweight climbing skills to the American Ninja Warrior TV show. We actually have one of the obstacle courses here on the island in Thailand where we run martial arts fitness retreats.

Here is a list of what we are:

  • Normal people that want to do their best in life, but still stay in shape
  • Fitness programs that stick to the core beliefs of bodyweight training
  • Help others achieve great results and make new friends
  • People that know that doing a backflip does not mean you are saving the world

Here is a list of what we are not:

  • Get ripped quick, steroid, or PE drug abusing groupies
  • Bar thugs that still think standing behind their EGO looks cool
  • A few that only want to SHOWBOAT their new skills
  • People that train their bodies but not their minds

The NinjaGym® Bodyweight and Fitness Training concepts focus on 5 key areas of development:

  1. Strength
  2. Agility
  3. Flexibility
  4. Endurance
  5. Cardio

Great for Men and Women

If you want to go old school, call it Calisthenics (bodyweight workouts), we’ve been doing it for centuries (think back to physical education in grade school). NinjaGym® Bodyweight training is great for men and women. In fact, it provides equal benefits for both. Consider that the word Calisthenics is made up of the greek words kalos (Beauty) and sthenos (Strength). Perhaps with that in mind, you can see it as the perfect workout for couples.

Why NinjaGym?

When you think of a Ninja, you think of a person that is agile, in control of their body and has some gymnastic skills. If that Ninja were in a Gym, what exercises would top the list?  Bodyweight exercises and calisthenics are the foundational moves one needs for any sport – including the martial arts.

About Winjitsu the Mental Martial Art

In the martial arts, we have learned that there is a mind-body connection. It is why Rick wrote the book series WinjitsuThe Mental Martial Art. This is also what we stand behind on NinjaGym.com.

NinjaGym® programs are not only about building a stronger body, a flexible body, a stable body or a body that can endure. The focus behind NinjaGym® is to provide you a place where we come together to also build a Stronger Mind, a more Flexible Mind, a more Stable Mind and a Mentality to Endure. Improving both your body and mind while connecting with great people from around the world.

At NinjaGym®, we follow the Mind and Body approach for overall student success. Although physical training in the Martial Science already offers feelings of joy and adventure, we also need routine and focused mental development. At NinjaGym®, we provide this growth through a mental system Rick Tew has developed a mental martial art called, WINJITSU.   

Winjitsu books

This training in already integrated into all of our other programs. If you are looking for life-coaching or to only learn Winjitsu, then consider the BLAST program or contact us for a custom workshop or training program.

With martial arts training, you might learn self-defense and how to be prepared for a physical situation required for survival. But in modern times, with our challenges being more mental than physical, your mind is most likely what needs to be managed and trained.

Your mind power will take you a lot further than your physical power. With the system of Winjitsu, we to teach you How to Be a Black Belt in what you do.  The Winjitsu training program and books are broken down into the following 5 levels:

1. ACE
Achieving Combined Excellence
Finding your winning Personality

2. MAK
Motivation – Action – Knowledge
Making it Happen

3. MBS
Mind, Body, and Spirit
The Synergy for Success

4. NRG
Neuro Reasons for Growth
Internal Power for Achievement

5. CMT
Creative Mental Training
The Magic of our Imagination

This complete program for mental training uses modern strategies available today that will help you become the best you can be. Everyone has challenges from time to time and many have these mental shadows sneaking up on them on a daily basis.  You need a system for defeating these negative Ninja and master your mental domain.  Mr. Tew suggests you learn to control your mind through life-balance, use of your physiology, and the understanding basic neuroscience.  All of which can help you to learn:

  • How to improve Self-confidence
  • How to improve Self-esteem
  • How to improve Self-discipline
  • How to improve Self-power
  • How to improve Self-control
  • How to improve Self-image

Winjitsu also teaches you:

  • How to overcome Fear
  • How to overcome Doubt
  • How to overcome Negativity
  • How to overcome Stress
  • How to overcome Laziness


Buy Winjitsu books now at Amazon.com

What “Spirit” Means To Us

We often refer to Mind-Body-Spirit balance when talking about our programs. This is because we like to feel that our courses provide an equal balance of all three areas. But few understand what we mean when we say, “spirit.”

For us, it represents Life-Spirit and our definition of this Life Spirit is:

  • Spending quality time with others of like mind
  • Getting out and into nature and great outdoors
  • Sharing space with animals and other creatures

Being part of a NinjaGym® Program is a lot more than just learning the martial arts and fitness. We also encourage participants to make the choice to get together with others for outdoor adventures that include hiking, camping, rock climbing, travel, multiple terrain training and other mini-adventures. This is one of the reasons we run our camps in places like Thailand and Yosemite National Park.

As young children, we invested much of our time adventuring, exploring and discovering. At NinjaGym® we want to recapture and maintain that healthy attitude we had when we were young. Life should be fun, include regular adventures, and offer new experiences.

In keeping with our desire to seek out and overcome obstacles, students can get together with one-another for outdoor adventure.

About NinjaGym® Programs, Retreats and Camps

Ninja-MMA Camp

This is our hardcore martial arts training program for students that want to learn everything there is in Rick Tew’s Modern American Ninjitsu while having the option to also train in full-contact sparring and grappling. This is for people that like to get dirty, play rough and can handle rolling around in the grass or throwing each other in the ocean.

This Ninja-MMA Program is for students that want to invest time each day (typically 8 hours) into learning multiple martial art skills (strikes, kicks, weapons, self-defense, stances, rolls, falls, etc), and have the option to practice and train in grappling and full-contact sparring (commonly known as MMA – mixed martial arts). Founded on the principles of Modern American Ninjitsu as taught by Rick Tew, students will get a complete course in the arts of mind, body and the spirit.

The Program is designed to work for students of all levels of martial arts experience. From highly motivated beginners to highly dedicated advanced students. Come for one month, two months or three months!

Private Group Mini-Martial Art Retreat

This is taught at corporate management programs and in classes for beginners. This is a simple program for beginners and professionals to learn that only requires them to learn 10 simple stances. However, Rick Tew has gone the extra mile in creating a plethora of connective skills with each stance. It is fun, easy to learn and adjustable to any skill level.

The concept is that less is more and 1 is many. By learning these simple 10 Stances, you will be learning and entire multi-martial art system too. It is a simple step-by-step training program that anyone can follow and use as they so desire. With only these 10 Steps, you will have access to over 100 actual techniques that create a complete system that you can continue at home or on your free time. Take 2 minutes or 2 hours.

Here are a few of the areas of focus that this 10 Stance Mini-Martial Art offers:

* Martial Art Stances
* Easy to remember cardio routine
* Ninja Yoga using stretching and isometrics
* 10 Step Breathing routine
* Unique self-defense uses based on the 10 Stances
* Applications of each stance

Instructors Vocational Program

This program is for Students that are looking to learn the skills needed for leadership, teaching, organization, management or even running a business.  If you are not interested in being a martial arts instructor but want to consider a job teaching or speaking on some level in your future, this course is indispensable.

You will become an instant assistant and immediately get hands-on training, guidance, and development.  In Ninjitsu, we say, “it is in doing.”  If you want to truly learn how to lead, teach or manage, this course will provide you the skills needed by giving you the opportunity to actually use and develop what you learn.  This process is how you can learn 3X faster than any traditional schooling system.  If you would like to do what you love and love what you do, Rick Tew can share his life’s work and history to help you learn to do the same.

Rick now teaches Tew core areas of focus that every person should work hard to obtain.  They are fulfillment in their work and how to take action and execute towards their dreams.  These are not easy to achieve.  Most people loathe their jobs and few understand the power that lies within being in an industry that you love.  There is much more to life than money and just because you have a job or a career, it does not mean that you have a life.

Home Study Program

In the 1990’s Rick Tew created a Martial Arts Home Study program called HSP. Back then it was VHS tapes and email reviews and replies. Now with technology, we have Skype training, Meetups, and a plethora of ways to help distance learning Students.

About NinjaGym® Founder and Master Instructor Rick Tew

As the creator of NinjaGym® and author of WINJITSU – the Mental Martial Art – Rick Tew is the best person to help you kick-start your martial arts adventure. Rick has been teaching martial arts and speaking on personal growth globally for more than 2 decades.

NinjaGym® Founder Rick Tew

He has created an entire martial art system to help students to follow a step-by-step course that also still allows the flexibility to be creative. Rick used the martial arts as a gateway for personal excellence and you will quickly discover that he has far more to teach than punches and kicks. His courses are for everyone who wants to integrate mind, body, and spirit to access his or her true potential.

Rick Tew constantly updates his principles to stay on the sharper edge of personal growth helping students in these two core areas:

  • Finding balance and fulfillment
  • Taking action for proper execution

Rick will share effective and easy to apply principles that can be integrated immediately into your life.

Rick Tew has been teaching and running Mixed Martial Art programs and Ninja Training Camps for more than 20 years. Rick started officially teaching martial arts school at 17, started his first dojo at 19 and moved to Europe at 21 to develop his own system of martial arts – Rick Tew’s Martial Science.  But not only that…

  • Rick Tew is a leader in this industry and other similar programs and camps you find on the Internet in his market, have simply copied and continue to copy his programs and teachings.
  • Rick Tew teaches people from all walks of life to take advantage of his proven strategies for enhancing one’s mind, body and spirit. In fact, these strategies were so effective, Rick wrote 5 books on the subject and created an entirely new system for life-enhancement called Winjitsu – the mental martial arts.
  • Rick Tew’s system of martial art is fun, effective and is the ultimate foundation for improving any martial artists skill in the martial arts.  It doesn’t matter what system or background you have – his program will give you the edge you need and are looking for.
  • Rick Tew is teaching all over the world. He has run martial art schools, seminars, Ninja camps and live-in martial arts programs for the last 20 years in the US, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Almost every student has a story to share about how Rick has changed their life, thanks to the strategies he has packed into his “Martial Arts & Fitness Camps” and courses.

Rick Tew’s history as a martial arts instructor is an open book. His skills and programs are available on videos at www.YouTube.com/tewrick and social media like www.facebook.com/rick.tew. Photos are available showing Him training in countries all over the world. Rick’s books are available online.

… Rick Tew has real, concrete proof that He can not only teach you the skills required to improve your martial arts but also to improve your LIFE with his help, regardless of your personal situation…

A Note From Rick Tew:

“When I was a teenager I developed an interest in the martial arts. I was also interested in traveling, the outdoors and adventure (new experience’s). Although being a “typical” martial arts instructor, running a dojo was exciting, it was only part of my dream.

As I grew older and started to take students training at the beach, in the mountains and on every type of terrain from the grass to the mud. I also took students with me to rock climb, camp and to unique locations out of the city. I began to realize I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed a complete mind, body and spirit training concept. I have since been doing this for over 20 years and have created a system that is not just a martial art – it truly is a way of life.

This is what led me to take my experience as a martial artist and combine them into a system that included what makes life exciting and how to live a dream. I decided not to just have a martial arts style, but instead – to have a lifestyle. And now I teach others how to do the same.

Here’s something else you should know about me…

I’m interested in working with people who are committed to success! So if you’re serious about living a life that you are in charge of, then I want to work with you.

And that’s why I’ve decided to put a very reasonable price on this program for those interested in martial arts, fitness or just a major life change. The cost of a program like this would easily run closer to 10 times this amount or more.”

At NinjaGym® we are motivated to help students improve their level of happiness, freedom, and adventure.  We look forward to sharing with you the adventures and joys of a lifetime and welcome you to the organization dedicated to giving you the best!