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Defensive Stance

How to do a Defensive Stance in the Martial Arts

Defensive Stance Holland

Defensive Stance Purpose

Designed for moving away from an attack, overlooking a fallen opponent, defense from a rear choke and confronting the possibility of unknown assailants.

  1. Step back with the rear leg.
  2. Turn the rear foot at an angle and bend the knee.
  3. Lower your weight and lean into the rear leg keeping the back straight.
  4. The lead foot is angled with the knee bent slightly.
  5. The left lead hand is held above the lead knee.
  6. The rear hand is next to the neck, elbow down with radial artery turned inward

This stance is good when pedaling away from attacks to the lead leg or stepping back while blocking with the lead hand. This stance concerns the feelings of adaptability and flow and is a defensive posture.

Defensive Stance Mindset


Defensive Stance Holland

Stationary Defensive Stance

This stance is used when for overlooking a fallen opponent or when you have finished a self-defense technique with your partner in class. Once the technique or finished (annihilate, control or escape), you will stand in Defensive stance.

Note: when you have been taken down in class, do not get up until your opponent is in a defensive stance.

Defensive Stance in Camo

Mobile Defensive Stance

Again, you are moving back so it is defensive posture. The idea is that you are moving away from an opponents punch and using the lead arm to deflect any strikes while bringing up the rear hand to protect against a rear choke from behind. You step back to remove your body from the area of attack and prepare a defense.

Designed for:

  • Moving away from an attack
  • Overlooking a fallen opponent
  • Defense from a rear choke
  • Confronting the possibility of unknown assailants.
Tew Defensive Stance Hawaii

Defensive Stance Applications


  • Looking over a fallen opponent with open focus scanning while hand protects neck from surprise attacks
    Better peripheral vision
  • Stepping at an angle so you are less likely to fall backwards
  • Flow back into the stance and flow forward into a punch
  • Easy to go into a forward or reverse roll – while stepping back, you turn towards that rear leg and side / forward roll away from the attacker
Defensive Stance Vegas Tour

Defensive Stance Basics

Defensive Stance Step-by-Step

Defensive Stance for Knife and Star Throwing

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