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How to Jump in the Martial Arts

Learn Ninja Jump

Designed for jumping over obstacles or attacks to the lower limbs.

Leap into the air pulling the knees above the hips

Pull the legs inward to form a V shape

Land on the balls of the feet and allow your legs to bend as you take up the shock

Another way you can jump is while jumping onto objects or things, you run up to it, jump off one leg and place on top of the object, while leaving the other leg trailing behind to balance yourself. You drag the trailing foot on the object as it is extended below.

For example:

If you were to run up to a 3 foot post that is in the ground, jump off the left leg and place the right foot on top of post. As you place the right foot on top, the left foot is placed below against the post to balance yourself while standing up onto the post. You can start jumping up onto bigger items like tables and walls and once you get more agile and coordinated with your one foot or feet, you can jump up onto higher and smaller objects like tall skinny posts.


  • Bringing the legs into a V shape, gets you higher in the air, keeps legs safer
  • Jumping over objects, opponents
  • One leg jumps – able to jump onto higher objects – better balance

by Rick Tew

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About the author:

Rick Tew is an internationally acclaimed Sensei or teacher in the martial arts and founder of CMS – College of Martial Science and NinjaGym. He runs Live-In Short and Long term Martial Arts Training and Adventure Camps in California and Thailand.

Utilizing the martial arts as a gateway to excellence, he created his personal development programs. His courses are for everyone who wants to integrate mind, body, and spirit to access his or her true potential.

Rick Tew’s Winjitsu, The Mental Martial Art System for Success, has helped his students to overcome their fear and become successful in what they love and passionate about.

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