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Junior Martial Arts Instructor Program

Martial Arts Instructor Training for Young Adults

The Junior Instructor Program is designed to teach leadership, build self-confidence, inspire achievement and aid in the overall development of the student’s character so that these skills may be taken with them and applied in the real world and future careers.


This is a program designed by Sensei Rick Tew in order to help train young adults in the martial arts, while helping them to prepare for the challenges of adult life.

Students will embark on a 3-9 month voyage / training program that is focused on 3 key areas of personal growth – the Mind, the Body and the Spirit.

Mentally – we teach all of the skills outlined in Rick Tew’s book, Winjitsu – the Mental Martial Art (available on Amazon).

Physically – we teach the multi-martial art system of the Martial Science – a Modern Ninjitsu program for learning every key aspect of the martial arts.

Spiritually – we offer travel and adventure in unique locations and countries. This experience meeting new people from around the world will broaden their horizons and expand their views.

All three of the above areas are key components to our program.


Mr. Tew operates the program in California with an option to go to Thailand or Europe after some training.

We offer our program in California (near Yosemite National Park).


This program is targeted at helping teenagers that have chosen to leave school and pursue another path or direction. This could be permanent or temporary. We do offer the program to young adults and we have an adult program for those that are above the age for this particular group.

We created this program because there are many teenagers who do not fit into the traditional mold of an academic student and are not ready for a full time job but still would like to continue their education and focus on preparing themselves for life. This program is the College of Life. We help students to get the most out of their time away from a traditional school by putting them into the real world with a set of focused goals and guidance. The goals being that of the martial arts and learning the skills required to be an instructor, coach, leader, manager or guide. The guidance coming from Mr. Tew and Assistants as well as other students and leaders in the world that Mr. Tew knows.

Students that would be good for this program are those that are motivated about getting more out of life but are not interested in the traditional school or classroom setting. Our classes are taught in unique environments with real world experience’s.

This program is NOT for students that are lazy or focused on only being difficult. However, it must be noted that many students or troubled teens are not lazy, they simply do not have any goals that inspire them. Because our program offers multi-martial arts training, adventure and travel around the world and potential to improve themselves – this may be exactly what they are looking for when it comes to finding fuel for their passions.


We have chosen these periods so that they match up with the prime times to be in each location for travel and adventure.

In California, we conduct training when the warmer summer months are over and the temperature begins to drop.


Leaving school or dropping out does not mean a person leaves life or drops out of growing. We aim to offer a program that allows students to continue learning, only they are doing so in a different setting and a new context. This new environment will inspire students into action while at the same time; it will challenge them and prepare them for the future as an Adult.


It has been shown that the martial arts not only helps with fitness, it also helps to develop discipline and a good self-image. This is important when a parent or student is looking to inspire positive change.


Mr. Tew has been teaching the martial arts for more than 20 years. He has also lived in every location for a minimum of 5 years so that he may ensure that students get the most out of each phase. Mr. Tew left school at 16 to pursue his passions in life. Not only is he the founder of this program – in truth he is a member and a solid representation of what you can do if you desire to focus on your own life.

Mr. Tew attributes his own life achievements to the skills he has learned from the martial arts (body), living in various countries (the spirit) and learning about the way our brain works and functions in our own world (the mind). Mr. Tew has operated and taught in almost every environment from years running a martial arts dojo, conducting long term martial art camps to offering travel and training tours in locations around the globe.


Mr. Tew moved to the Netherlands when he was 21 years old in order to spread his system of martial arts – the Martial Science. He knows the country well, speaks much of the language and has a large number of friends and peers that can offer students a great lesson in life. Students travel with Mr. Tew in various environments.


A martial arts program isn’t really complete without spending some time in Asia. Thailand has a lot to offer for the student of the Martial Science. Not only can they train on a tropical island, they also get to learn Muay Thai (Thailand’s national sport). Because of the low prices in Thailand, students on a budget can really get the most out of their time in Asia. Additional activities are also available in Thailand and it is a great place for students to learn to scuba dive if that is a passion.


Mr. Tew grew up in California and began taking students to the outdoors as early as 16 when he was teaching and sharing at the dojo. The first College of Martial Science program was started in Northern California near Yosemite National Park. Because California offers amazing year round weather and a large variety of outdoor activities, it is the prime location for our Martial Arts and Adventure Travel Program.

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