NinjaGym Online Course Level 5

Level 5 Rick Tew’s Martial Science

Rick Tew's NinjaGym Online Personal Security Course Lesson

Personal Security Course / Self-Defense

In my opinion, most self-defense systems are focused on the offensive maneuvers in a combat situation. The, “I will do this, when you do that” approach. What I mean to say is that we are so focused on our deadly attacks, that we learn very little about actually defending ourselves. I agree that it is important to learn how to target a kick to the knee – but balance is what you need in order to survive and train for real combat. Remember, it is called self-defense, not self-offense. If you are not learning to train your defenses properly, you will be in for a huge shock when the moment arrives for you to defend yourself.

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Rick Tew's Martial Science Level 5

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