Live-In Martial Arts Training Camps Thailand

Martial Arts Training & Adventure Camps

Live-In Short and Long Term Programs

Rick Tew’s College of Martial Science (CMS) and Ninja-MMA programis a multi-faceted Martial Arts Camp.

We offer:

  • Modern Ninja Training
  • Van Travel Tours
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Mental martial art of Winjitsu
  • Martial Arts and Ninjutsu
  • Hiking, climbing and camping

Our program offers Self-defense skills for women and men that want fast results.  

Want to get into shape fast? We focus on hormonal workouts, HIIT classes and Ninja Yoga for fun fitness that work.

This program is not limited to only learning the martial arts in beautiful California. It’s also about adventuring in California too.

We also don’t limit the skills taught to purely physical benefits. Students will also learn powerful personal success strategies to help them manage their mind and peak performance.

The skills taught at CMS can be taken with you wherever you go.

Our long-term Instructor program is for Students that want to reach the highest level possible in the Martial Science and also get a black belt what they do mentally, physically or spiritually.

CMS is many programs rolled into one awesome martial arts camp.

Rick Tew's Martial-Arts-Camp-11

1-2 Year Program

Long Term Training (Instructor Certification)

Great for students looking for a long term martial arts adventure lifestyle. Price includes up to 1 year of training in the Martial Science according to our schedule and phases. 

  • All 5 Level Certifications
  • Up to 1 year of training
  • Possible job options during training
  • Private Group Attention 
  • Camp-style basic shared housing
Rick Tew's Martial-Arts-Camp-2

1 Month Training

Level 1 Certification

Average time to level 1 month. Great for people that want to teach, get a mini-retirement or learn a new skill on vacation.

  • Up to 4 weeks of training
  • Certification of completion
Rick Tew's Martial-Arts-Camp-3

1 Week Program

Ninja Boot Camp (Martial Art Adventure)

Perfect for those with a limited schedule or just looking for something to add to their vacation that is more active than just sitting on the beach. Whether you want an introduction to the martial arts or to kick-start your fitness level, our short term Boot Camps will aid you in meeting your goals. Price includes 1 Week of training in the Martial Science.

  • 1 week of training
Rick Tew's Martial-Arts-Camp-4

2 Day Program

Weekend Warriors (Martial Art Adventure)

Perfect for those with a limited schedule or just looking for something to add to their life. Custom programs are also available.

  • 1 weekend of training
Rick Tew's Martial-Arts-Camp-5

All Live in Programs Include:

  • Ultimate Variety in Martial Arts Training
  • Certification for students Interested Teaching Martial Arts
  • Members also get access to

We offer the best multi-adventure programs available to date.

What Can You Do with Martial Science Training?

Learn Martial Arts

For people looking for martial arts and Ninja training with an amazing adventure.

Train in the Martial Science

Serious Martial Artists or adventurers looking for something unique in California or Thailand. Students receive 1-2 Level Certifications Per Phase on Average.
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Teach Martial Arts for a Living

Train with Master Instructor Rick Tew, then teach Martial Arts or Fitness classes with your new skills.

A Lifestyle and a Career

Focused purely on how to teach and learn the foundation of the system. As part of your job training, you will act and work as an assistant.
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Run a NinjaGym Martial Art School

No previous martial arts experience required to qualify.

Manage a Dojo Business

Make a living managing a NinjaGym Martial Arts Dojo or Program in your area with advanced assistance from Master Instructor Rick Tew.
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Martial Arts - Ninja Training and Travel, Self-Help - Outdoor Adventure Camp in California.

Learn the Martial Arts, experience an Adventure, travel and meet people from around the world.

If sitting behind a desk taking the same traditional vacation is simply not your thing, the NinjaGym – College of Martial Science might be your solution.  NinjaGym – CMS offers opportunities to travel, adventure, and learn a variety of martial arts.

Are you the kind of person who needs excitement, freedom to be yourself, and exciting options to choose from?

You don’t need to spend a fortune or 4 to 8 years of your life for a piece of paper.  With the NinjaGym CMS Program you can Earn your Instructor Status in one of the most complete martial art systems to date in as little as 12 months and get the experience that begins to pay off right away in Mind, Body and Spirit.  A college degree doesn’t guarantee you anything.

If you can not make it to an upcoming event, simply give us at least 2 months notice and we will leave your spot open for a time that is convenient for you to attend.

It’s a risk free situation. When you go home you can still take what you learned to make things happen for yourself in the field of martial arts, personal growth, public speaking, training or unique fields like body guarding and stunt work or simply to improve your life and business.

Whether you want to work as a consultant, instructor, trainer, educator, industry expert, coach, author, bodyguard, stuntman, tour guide or even a professional speaker… if you want to turn your vacation into your vocation then you simply MUST attend our program.

How It Works

You’ll enter a long term training program.  If you only want to attend for a few weeks to enhance your life or improve your skills, that is also possible, we offer per week  programs too and many are available in Thailand, California and Holland.

  • Training in the Martial Science (modern day Ninjitsu)
  • Adventure Activities (climbing, hiking, rafting, etc.)
  • Winjitsu the Mental Martial Art and programs like Rick Tew’s Memory  System
  • Certification with every level you pass

There are 5 Levels to instructor status – if you focus on gaining at least one level every two months, you can be teaching in less than 1 year.  However, you are allowed to begin teaching up to your certified level.  Each level includes two skills from the following 9 areas of focus:

  1. Stance’s
  2. Roll’s
  3. Fall’s
  4. Strike’s
  5. Kick’s
  6. Body Movement
  7. Knowledge (mind)
  8. Combat and Self-defense strategies
  9. Weapon’s

Get certified to teach with every visit and begin to build a student base in your hometown or move to a new country represent the Martial Science there with full support.

Teaching martial arts  and running a training center or program is aligned with the positive benefits of having a job you love.

  • Can’t Stand Your Job?
  • Scared of Your Boss?
  • Unhappy with Co-Workers?

You’re not alone!  Do you want getting out of bed on Monday morning to be a struggle, followed by five long, bleak days?

Job loathing costs the nation an estimated $150 billion per year in treatment for stress-related problems.

There are four basic motivators for work and money isn’t number one:

  1. We are motivated by what we like and respect.
  2. We need to feel that work is important.
  3. We need a job that offers a sense of empowerment
  4. We desire a vocation that offers a feeling of independence.

“Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.”
-William Jennings Bryan

Whether you’re looking to make improvements in your job or personal life, we will teach you how to determine what your goals are and how to reach them.

A recent survey by staffing company Adecco found that 29 percent of workers report toiling longer today than a year ago, and 32 percent said they are experiencing more on-the-job stress.

The feeling that we are what we do compounds the problem of being stuck in a lousy job.  If you hate what you do, your self- worth is likely to take a hit too.

It’s just part of our culture. When you meet someone new, one of the first questions asked is “What do you do?” It is part of who you are.  So who do you want to be?  We are NOT just a martial art system.  We help you design a life!

Never confuse having a career for having a life.

Do yourself a favor, get a life you love – it really isn’t about the money.

Another survey found that 87% of Americans don’t like their jobs. Since we often associate who we are with what we do, it’s a wonder anyone goes to work or gets anything done.

Could This Be The Right Choice For You?

Do you have self-power, determination, and a passion for  improving your life?

If so, you can make it all happen with the College / Camp of Martial Science training program.

“Don’t let your life become just a  paycheck”

The CMS NinjaGym program is a martial arts training, adventure, personal development course, designed to teach you the martial arts and related skills that will improve your life.

You’ll get Modern Ninjitsu training and mixed martial art concepts. It’s packed with intensive training and travel and offers development in a variety of martial art disciplines and skills. To sum it up…. this is a lifetime opportunity  available right now – you won’t find this type of training or this unique of an offer anywhere else in the world!

You will also learn Rick Tew’s “Winjitsu” System for the Mental Martial Arts. You will get this information as part of your training to complete Mind (Winjitsu), Body (Ninjitsu) and Spirit (Adventure). Visit to learn more.

The College of Martial Science is more than just martial arts.  We teach the same skills that top managers, sales people and entrepreneur’s are learning to succeed in their field.

Students attending our Camps and members of the Total Warrior Program will receive at least 200 hours a year of private group instruction.

Live your dream – Design your destiny.

Maybe a martial arts adventures isn’t your goal but you would would like to teach martial arts for a living.  

Remember, only you can change your future – take action TODAY.  Don’t end up in the rocking chair looking back and regretting that you let this opportunity pass you by.

Look back two months or over the last few years and ask yourself has anything changed?  Are you simply getting through life day by day, month by month?  Sign up and make the next 2-24 months of your life count for something.

How Will It Change Your Life?

  • You will learn a new skill
  • You can be proud of who you are and what you do
  • You will be a leader and coach to others
  • You will have a lifestyle and not just a job
  • You will be happy with a decision to accept nothing but the best
  • You will be more prepared to deal with life’s challenges
  • You will learn new skills applicable in almost any field

Life is about more than just surviving it or finding a job to pay the bills. Life is full of choices and these decisions shape our destiny.

We are pleased to offer you this opportunity at an amazing value and for a limited time only to boost new programs in Asia, so don’t wait. Here’s what you need to do:  Call us today and you’ll be on your way to becoming a new person!

You can reserve your spot immediately to ensure your placement.

Our actions dictate our destiny.

Attending our program Could Be The Most Rewarding Experience of Your Life, And if you want a new career teaching the martial arts, outdoor adventure or personal development we’ll Teach You How to Do It in as little as 12 Months.

With this knowledge Sensei Tew has been able to travel and teach the martial arts.  He has worked as a public speaker, a stuntman and has the freedom to do what he wants, when he wants, where he wants and with whom he wants.  He can teach you the same skills and mental requirements that it takes to make a life under your terms.

Where There’s No Vision, People Will Perish

We are now in a mode of developing our own careers, it will be up to us as individuals to determine what the limits will be. That’s part of managing your career.  It’s something we have to do.

Would you keep doing the job you have if you didn’t have to?  If you had a million dollars would you still be passionate about your job? One out of four workers say they are “just showing up to collect a paycheck” and only seven percent say they are “very satisfied.”  Clearly, our economy is not creating jobs that people want and deserve.

CMS is for anyone sick and tired of languishing in a dead-end job, relationship or life – yet reluctant to make drastic life changes.

NinjaGym programs are for anyone that wants to get out and experience an awesome adventure that includes the martial arts.  People from all walks of life are welcome to attend.  We teach you how to get a career in a life-changing field.  We break these vocations down into three areas from Mind – Body and Spirit.

Mentally you can learn Rick Tew’s “Winjitsu” and work with him spreading positive life changing information as a Public Speaker.

Physically you can decide to teach the martial science and set up a training center anywhere in the world with our support.

Spiritually you can focus on adventure and work as an tour and travel guide.  The choice is yours and we will teach you how to make all of them or one of them a reality.

Regardless of your goals we can help:

  • Martial Arts
  • Ninja Training
  • Travel
  • Self-Help
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Camps
  • Personal Security

Don’t want to teach?  No problem, we offer one of the best multi-adventure programs available to date for a price you can afford.

All Programs Include Mind – Body – Spirit training

Contact us for Ninja Boot Camps, Martial Science Certification, Ninjitsu – Modern Ninja Warrior Training or Seminars in your area.

NOTE: We reserve the right to change or adjust any of the above according to our schedule and or needs. Tew’s / College of Martial Science reserves the right to change its Programs, Rules and Regulations and Program Schedule at any time, for any reason, without notice. We also reserve the right to change the methods through which use to improve our change our business. This may include, but is not limited to, changing the schedule, adjusting the training program or location of training. We may also add or remove any offer listed as an incentive at any time. If we replace a incentive, the new incentive may not be of equal value. We reserve the right to change the offers or programs at any time, for any reason. We reserve the right to change the value of an offer at any time, for any reason.

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