Rick Tew's NinjaGym Online Low Sweep Kick Lesson

Low Sweep Kick

How to do a Low Sweep Kick in the Martial Arts

Low Sweep Kick Martial Arts Kicks

Low Sweep Kick

Leg comes into coil position

Foot turns with the heel in and the toes out

Stomp down at an angle towards the target area pushing forwards with the heel of the foot


Heel, bottom of foot/shoe


Knee, Shin, Instep, Stomach/ribs


  • Quick/simple motion compared to sidekick
  • Someone pushes you, fall back and throw kick to rib area
  • With shoes/boots, scrape down the shin

Low Sweep Kick Tutorial by Sensei Rick Tew

Low Sweep Kick Application in Conbat by Sensei Rick Tew

Rolling Side Kick and Low Sweep Kick Training at NinjaGym™ Martial Arts Camp Thailand

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