Make a future from the past

How to use the past to improve the future while being both happy and energetic.

Happy Saturday from Samui Island February, 25th 2017
Here is my from Rick – Tew you, tip of the weekend.

As we are still kicking off 2017, many of us will be focused on new goals and a better future.

I too have added a few to my list for this year a beyond here are just a few:
Ketogenic diet

To lose any flat tires and test out a pre-cancer killing diet that’s gaining ground.
Buddy Business

Worthwhile work and entrepreneurship with good friends.

Mind and Body Retreat

Operate a New multi-martial art beach location for those that want change by taking a month off to get away and into a routine.

Book work

Finish the ultimate guide to martial arts visual book and update my Winjitsu Mind and Body books.

And the list continues along with a focus on continual growth in Mind and Body.
Today however, I’m chilling in my bean bag above the sea and doing a review meditation as part of CMT (Creative Mental Training) from the WINJITSU Workout.

Taking time out to train the Mind is equally as important as training the Body. You can do both if you STRETCH while you do this exercise.

A REVIEW MEDITATION will help you create of improve a better future while also stretching your potential and circle of thought.

We all have this circle that surrounds us that represents what we allow in or what reach we have. Very often success in new areas are lying just outside that circle. To expand our option, potential and reach, we must stretch.

So sit down and stretch an area of your body that needs some flexibility as you go through the mental exercise that will improve your future.

Future focus through the looking glass of the past.

It’s really simple if you would like to try it yourself.

1. A year in review
The first thing you need to do is begin in the past. So you can pick any point to begin with – a year ago is a good start if your focused future is a year ahead.
If you are in a 2 week program and looking to improve your 3rd week, then you can start with a week ago or your first week.

I will be using a year ago for this example.

2. Question your past
We break up the past into the WINJITSU triangle of Mind, Body and Spirit by asking ourselves questions related to each area:
Mentally (mind)
What goals did I have? What was my mental state of being last year? What did I doubt, dislike or dread? What was I passionate about, proud of and how did I provide more to the world?

Physically (body)
How did I feel last year? What exercises did I do or regularly maintain? What was my diet like and how did that affect my overall mood? What were my limitations and what were my strengths?

Spiritually (life spirit)
What people, places, animals or living creatures, were involved with me last year? What did I learn from those experiences? What did I share most? How did I share my time with the world?
Connecting the triangle. What is needed and can be repeated?
Now that you have a few thoughts from your past memories, you can consider the following:
What did you learn?

What did you do well?

What could use improvement?

What was important?

What was trivial?

The idea is for you to see what is needed for the future and what may be repeated. You we not concerned with what you don’t want so you drip all thoughts related to what you don’t need and don’t want repeated. Focus is only on what you do want. Though we went through the process of including negative experiences in our review it no longer serves our purpose when contemplating needs.
Many times we will discover what we thought to be important to actually be rather trivial.

You want to take these thoughts and help you to create your new future based on a review of the past. Why?

Because the future is often a copy of the past and if you determine the bridges, you can aid in reaching your future goals in alignment with what your really want.
The idea is not to only achieve your new dreams but to feel good in the process – to be fulfilled. However, we also know it’s very important to take action and be able to execute. This is why we focus on the positive as well as what’s really needed to succeed.

As you meditate in your past, think about what made you happy and understand how this can be stabilized in the now as you move towards the future.

At the same time you will also meditate on what helped inspire you in to action. What was easy and what felt like a chore.
By meditating on these 2 key areas after a review of your past, you will be able to set sail for new horizons with the past as your guide.

Even if you are on the same path as last year, instead of giving up or quitting, you can move forward with a new focus and reach completion.

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