Rick Tew's NinjaGym Online Front Kicks Lesson

Martial Art Front Kicks

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to review Rick Tew’s Martial Art Strikes and Kicks form.

Basic Front Kicks

  • Front Ball Kick
  • Front Heel Kick
  • Front Instep Kick

Most of the kicks in the Rick Tew’s Martial Science are broken down to an easy to remember format.

  1. The type of kick (front, back, round).
  2. The part of the foot used to connect with (ball, heel, instep).

So what used to be called a Front Thrust kick would be called a Front Feel Kick so as to remember exactly what it is.

Front Ball (Snap) Kick

Each kick has various uses and this list is to be used as only a guide.

Striking surface: 
Ball of foot

Striking area:  
Solar Plexus/Groin

Used to attack smaller targets with speed and accuracy.

  1. Lift the knee up into a coiled position
  2. Extend the leg by pushing the ball of the foot into its target
  3. Pull the kick back as fast as possible

Targeted areas:
Groin, knees, shins (with boots), solar plexus, face (when down).


  • Kicking  targeted areas as a break up defense
  • Jamming incoming attacks
  • Coil position to block  and defend
  • Beach stance kick (sitting with one knee up, lift body with one leg and both hands and kick up to the opponent)

Front Ball Kick to Face Application

Defense against a front kick

Front Heel (Thrust) Kick

Used for power,  knocking away an obstacle or breaking through.

  1. Lift the knee close to the chest
  2. Thrust the heel forward step forward kicking 

Striking Surface:
Heel of foot

Striking area:
Chest, Knee, Back


  • Jamming attacks
  • Push away opponent
  • Push away objects
  • Kicking down doors

Jumping Front Kick and Beach Stance Front Kick

Front Instep (Rising) Kick

Striking Surface:
Top of foot

Striking Area:

  1. Lift the knee up into a coiled position
  2. Extend the leg by raising the shin upwards and the top of the foot and instep into its target

This kick is usually used by street fighters and uncoordinated kickers.  It is often called the Soccer Ball Kick or Football kick.

  • Kicking  in an upwards direction
  • Kicking to groin
  • Kicking to face/body while bent over
  • Kick up objects (such as sand) with foot at opponent

Target Areas:
Groin – Face

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