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“Proven Methods, Easy to Learn Online martial art training Videos and REAL Feedback From Professional Martial Arts Instructors Who Will Coach You toward becoming a certified Black Belt Martial Artist and learn everything the martial arts and Ninjitsu has to offer.”

Get started with your NEW Art of the Ninja – Mixed Martial Arts On-line Home Study Program or call about our Camps today!

If you have always wanted to train to become a master martial artist or ninja with master martial artists and real Total Warriors (modern day Ninja), but you find it difficult to attend local classes… or maybe there are not any local classes near you… or the quality of instruction is limited, then pay close attention!

Because at NinjaGym you will discover:

The system for the Total Warrior:

How to train in the martial arts, stretch, kick, fight, and grapple.
Instruction on freestyle martial art forms and using the elements.

  • Realistic combat skills
  • Natural reactions and Personal Security
  • Mind control, self-teaching, and memory strategies
  • Rock climbing and skills of the Total Warrior.
  • Invisibility, martial art weapons and other unique skills.

The best way to train is to have someone coaching you through the process.

Rick Tew created NinjaGym to provide students from around the world with a realistic, fun martial art that follows the philosophy of a modern day Ninja.  Not only does this training include how to train yourself in the physical art of a martial artist or shadow warrior, but also the mental skills to excel in any area of your life and get a Black Belt in what you do!

NinjaGym Ninjitsu – Mixed Martial Arts Camps and Home Study Program offers self-help and realization of personal growth potential through a more cultivated and modern form of a traditional martial arts philosophy.

The user can do this at their own pace, from the comforts of their own home, through specialized/remote martial arts training, and on their terms. In addition, the ninja camps and events reflect this philosophy, and, give the opportunity for people to travel the world and combine their would-be typical vacation with something more worthwhile.

Training Today’s Ninja

NinjaGym and The College of Martial Science program is your solution for becoming a master martial artist / ninja based on reality.  Welcome to an arena where the student is once again the most important aspect of the Martial Arts.

This is the complete home training program for modern and traditional Ninjitsu and the martial arts.  Includes training and coaching all the way to Instructor Status.  If you are serious about learning the Martial Science, this Web Site and program is for you.

If you’d like to learn realistic ninja concepts, realistic fighting techniques and without having to pay large monthly fees to attend a Dojo, then joining NinjaGym.com might be the most important decision you’ll ever make.

Looking for something more active than a Ninja book, Ninja movie or Ninja turtle?  We will guide you through an intensive martial arts program designed to bring any competent student to the level of Black Belt and RTMS Instructor status.

We offer both a Self-powered, instructor-supported home training program for Ninjitsu and the martial arts as well as live-in long term mixed martial art training camps. Our programs include training all the way to Black Belt based on strategies and coaching set down by

Dear Aspiring Ninja,

My name is Rick Tew, and I’ve been practicing the Martial Arts and Ninjitsu for more than 20 years and over this time I have enjoyed many avenues of success and accomplishments.

I have given thousands of classes and seminars on the Martial Science to not only my own students, but to martial arts schools, companies and even the military.  Our system has proven valuable to almost any student of the martial arts or individual looking to improve their life.

The martial arts and attitudes of a positive warrior was a skeleton key for opening many doors in life, here are just a few that I have enjoyed:

  • Founded the Martial Science Ninjitsu training program
  • Traveled the world teaching the martial arts
  • Operated everything from a martial art dojo to a Ninja camp
  • Worked as a stuntman and stunt choreographer
  • Designed and developed successful on-line Web sites
  • Created “WINJITSU” a mental martial art system

The above might seem like a decent list, but the most important gift received from the martial arts is the level of freedom I have.  Each and every day I do What I want:

…Where I want
…When I want
…Why I want
…and with Whom I want.

Being a martial arts instructor was a childhood dream that turned into a real-life experience.  And the fact that the system truly combines the Mind, Body and Spirit – it is a great adventure along the way.

With the martial arts, I have been able to travel the world on a regular basis and I am currently writing this from Bangkok, Thailand.

I’ve also taught students from every walk of life to reach THEIR goals in the martial arts and life, too, and some of my students have gone on to enjoy their own success.

CMS Master Instructor Rick Tew

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