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At CMS, we really believe in the Mind, Body, Spirit approach for overall success in life. Even though training in the Martial Science – Ninjitsu and Adventure activities offer a high level of joy and enlightenment, we also need focused mental growth. We provide this focus and growth through a system Rick Tew has developed and what he calls WINJITSU – the mental martial art.

In the martial arts you learn self-defense to help prepare you for a situation that might be required for survival. It is a basic human need to feel protected. But in today’s world, with our challenges being more mental than physical, you are indeed your own worst enemy.

In this day and age, your mental skills will take you a lot further than your physical skills. This is unless, of course, you are among the 1% that has made a success out of putting a ball through a hoop or scoring a touchdown. But even these top-ranked athletes will tell you that their ability to perform is largely based on their mental skills; their “Mental Martial Arts,” and this is exactly what we share in our programs.

Survival in this day and age is based on our quality of living, our balance of needs and how we feel.

Kevin Kooistra, Portland – Oregon
“I’ve worked with Rick Tew on and off for a few years now. To this day, I am still amazed at his ability to motivate others to take action toward their individual goals without losing sight of the team’s goals. This in my opinion, makes Mr. Tew such a dynamic and effective leader. I’ve personally witness how he has used his talents in the Martial Arts to not just define his life, but to enrich it and those around him. Mr. Tew has created personal development courses based off his unique experiences and most importantly, these courses are able to be modified to the individual. (Being widely familiar with the motivational community, I know this to be a very rare trait to find).”

We all could benefit from the Mental Martial Arts for survival in today’s world. Getting a better job (for example) is part of your modern day plan for survival. Improving your life will improve your quality of living. Since we don’t have the external worries of a neighboring tribe, it is replaced with more internal enemies like self-doubt, a lack of interest and fear.

Rick Tew has compiled a system of mental martial arts to battle these mental demons and give you the skills needed to combat daily challenges and achieve your goals.

“If there was any one area or skill that I have learned that has helped me the most in training, traveling or living a life I love, I would have to say it would the mind-set skills taught in Winjitsu”Rick Tew

Winjitsu is all about improving your life skills. Here is a breakdown of the five sections that make up this system of mental martial arts:

Get a Black Belt in what you do!
A five level system designed to prepare you for individual success.

ACE (thumb) – Achieving Combined Excellence
Finding your winning Personality

MAK (middle finger) – Motivation – Action – Knowledge
Making it Happen

MBS (index finger) – Mind, Body, and Spirit
The Synergy for Success

NRG (ring finger) – Neuro Reasons for Growth
Internal Power for Achievement

CMT (little finger) – Creative Mental Training
The Magic of our Imagination

This area of mental training will focus on all the information available today that will help you become the best you can be. Mr. Tew suggests you learn about balance, mind control, physiology, and the neuro sciences. Everything you need to know to gain control of your life and to build:

* Self-confidence
* Self-esteem
* Self-discipline
* Self-power
* Self-control
* Self-image

Winjitsu will also teach you how to overcome:

* Fear
* Doubt
* Negativity
* Stress
* Laziness

Winjitsu – Rick Tew’s Mental Martial Art
Rick Tew’s 5 book system: Winjitsu – the Mental Martial Art. Now available for ordering.

You can purchase the book by using the link or window below:



This area of training is probably one of the most discarded areas for human potential. Anything that has to do with learning has everything to do with the mind and memory. Funny that even a traditional school (where learning is the primary focus) doesn’t teach you how to use your brain, even though you are expected to use it the entire time you are learning.

Tew’s Total Recall – EASI-A is another program for achieving personal excellence. By learning this program, you would be one of the few individuals who not only desires to be the best you can be, but will have taken the action required to achieve such a goal. With the Memory Program you will have made an investment in your knowledge bank and will reap the rewards for the rest of your life.

Cédric Cobban – Sherbrooke, Québec – Canada
“Mentally I learned the memory program, how to run an on-line store, learned a lot on the Alkalarian diet (seen it work too). One thing I really liked was learning how to teach / set up a basic class. Physically I learned tons of stuff. I was introduced to martial arts so everything from kicking, grappling, body movements to weapons I learned at CMS.”

Rick Tew discovered the powers of the mind and memory through his martial arts experience. He originally wrote his memory program to help his students achieve maximum results with there training. After successfully proven useful in academics, work and sports, his program is for anyone who wants to develop their mental muscle and improve the quality of their life. The techniques taught in Tew’s Total Recall – EASI-A system will help students, housewives, athletes, businessmen and professionals alike.

In addition to our organized / formalized classes on the mind or memory, you will be learning from a collection of books, videos and audio tapes that we have selected to assist you in your development as a warrior of the mental arts. Rick Tew will also share his experience to help make your development more fruitful.

NOTE: Mr. Tew is skilled in a number of areas and has combined these into his Martial Arts / Ninja training camps and adventure tours. You will also receive certificates by participating in said Mental Martial Arts courses.

by Rick Tew

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About the author:

Rick Tew is an internationally acclaimed Sensei or teacher in the martial arts and founder of CMS – College of Martial Science and NinjaGym. He runs Live-In Short and Long term Martial Arts Training and Adventure Camps in California and Thailand.

Utilizing the martial arts as a gateway to excellence, he created his personal development programs. His courses are for everyone who wants to integrate mind, body, and spirit to access his or her true potential.

Rick Tew’s Winjitsu, The Mental Martial Art System for Success, has helped his students to overcome their fear and become successful in what they love and passionate about.

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