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Power Stance in the Martial Science

How to do Power Stance in the Martial Arts

Designed to maximize stability. Enhances power through hip rotation and the lowering of ones center of gravity.

This stance can be used to apply power for techniques like breaking. It can also be used as a position of stability for climbing exercises often known as a “human ladder.”

How to Perform the Power Stance

Lock out the rear leg – Optional

Both feet should be shoulder width distance apart

Both feet are pointing straight forward

Lead knee is bent so you cannot see your toes

Sit your weight into the stance

Rear arm is extended while punching

Front hand is held close to face for protection and checking


  • Used to apply power when breaking boards etc.
  • Climbing exercises like the “human Ladder”
  • Hold for strength, stamina and endurance purposes
  • Use it to transition from defensive to power stance with flow

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by Rick Tew

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About the author:

Rick Tew is an internationally acclaimed Sensei or teacher in the martial arts and founder of CMS – College of Martial Science and NinjaGym. He runs Live-In Short and Long term Martial Arts Training and Adventure Camps in California and Thailand.

Utilizing the martial arts as a gateway to excellence, he created his personal development programs. His courses are for everyone who wants to integrate mind, body, and spirit to access his or her true potential.

Rick Tew’s Winjitsu, The Mental Martial Art System for Success, has helped his students to overcome their fear and become successful in what they love and passionate about.

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