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You too can have your own personal martial arts instructor


Learn Martial Arts Online with the NinjaGym® Mixed Martial Arts Home Study Program and Online Black Belt home study course. Providing the benefits of having a personal martial arts Instructor coach and guide you along the way by providing feedback on submitted video lessons.

Proven strategies that work, are simple to follow and you can learn martial arts online. You get REAL text or video feedback from a real person. We will coach you towards becoming a certified Black Belt online or you can focus on learning the Martial Arts at home. You can learn all about the martial arts, the Martial Science and what modern Ninjitsu has to offer.

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The NinjaGym® HSP (Martial Arts Home Study Program)

This is an Online Black Belt home study course. This martial arts home study program is designed to give you the benefits of having an Instructor or Coach while at home.

Don’t wait until another New Year Resolution to kick yourself into gear! You can kickstart a new life with your NEW Mixed Martial Arts On-line Home Study Program right now!

Yes, you can learn the martial arts online in the privacy of your own home or personal gym. Even better would be to have your own “mini” dojo to train in.

With our martial arts home study program you will get:

  • Access to a variety of training videos and materials to help you grow
  • Video and test reviews of your progress in your training
  • Certification as you pass each rank level with a pay-as-you-go option
  • Go at your own speed and pace so it fits your lifestyle
  • PDF materials and other documents to help you progress
  • Digital copies of our training books (also on Amazon or kindle)

The Martial Arts Home Study Program fee is determined by the maximum Rank that you want to achieve. The system has five ranking levels.  When you reach the fifth level or Red Belt (Master Level), you can then review for your Black Belt certification, all online.

Following are the various ranking levels and programs

Novice Membership (to be Rank Level 1 Certified)
Great for those with little time or have always have been fascinated by the martial arts. Also good for beginners that would like to communicate with an Instructor.

Student Membership (to be Rank Level 2 Certified)
A great introduction to the martial arts with enough time to get a solid understanding of the system.  You have some time but may also need to multi-task your learning.

Warrior Membership (to be Rank Level 3 Certified)
This is perfect for the person that wants to be a martial artist.  They want to have achieved the first two areas of growth (the foundational skills and the development of the basics).

Instructor Membership (up to Level 4 Certification)
This is perfect for the person that loves to share information and would like to get more creative in their training.  This is a chance to not only be a Student of the martial arts, but also a part of the process for sharing that information.

Master Membership (up to Level 5 Certification)
You want to learn as much as possible and take this as far as you can go.  This is also great for those looking to teach or coach others in the martial arts for a living or as a career in fitness.

Yes, you are more than welcome to take our Martial Arts home study program for your own reasons too.

The way to learn martial arts is up to you

Training in the martial arts can be a very long road that leads to the peak of many mountains.  It can also be a series of amazing short hikes around the globe. The choice is yours and our martial arts home study program provides the following:

  • Variety in training
  • A club to belong to
  • An Instructor to connect with

This NinjaGym® Martial Arts Home Study Program was created to function as a self-powered progressive martial art system. It is also the perfect addition to your existing focus on fitness or the martial arts.

When you join our martial arts home study program, you will start with training in basic lessons in the martial arts with Rick Tew the creator of Ninja Gym and the Master Instructor. As we are always making new videos from different classes and programs – it is not likely for you to get bored as there is so much to learn.

Upgrades available for those that want more personal attention

If you upgrade to be an HSP PRO Student, you will then have the option to get your video reviews of your training by as a video instead of text. This means the Instructor will send you a video reply to the challenge you have in your training.

If you upgrade to be an HSP ELITE Student, you then get direct attention and focus from the Master Instructor and creator Rick Tew. He will be your personal coach and guide. He will be your martial arts instructor taking you through the tests, and providing personal feedback. His coaching skills will help you to focus on your strengths while removing your weaknesses.

More than just punching or kicking a bag

We believe that this is the MOST INTERACTIVE and responsive online Martial Arts Home Study available!!

You will get to learn from a veteran Instructor who has been teaching all over the world. Rick Tew’s Martial Science and his Modern Ninjutsu strategies are a complete and true Multi-Martial Art home study System.

The system of the Martial Science is a combination of  5 Levels. Each with its own Rank or Certification in the Martial Arts as part of our long distance program. Each of the Ranking Levels contains about 18 Martial Arts Lessons for you to learn at home. Some are optional and we build around your own strengths and weaknesses.  Maybe you always wanted to learn the martial arts or maybe you have challenges that keep you at home. We can help.

Testing and Video Reviews

You are paying for the review of your training (included in all our programs). But, you are welcome to upgrade (to PRO or ELITE).

When you decide to join our NinjaGym® learn Martial Arts at home course, you are gaining the ability to have your training reviewed by an Instructor or Mr. Tew himself (HSP Elite). You also have the option to be tested for rank certification in our martial art system if that is your goal.

We have determined that the best way to succeed with any online martial arts home study program or at home fitness course, is for us to be able to help train you.  Most Students or people learning the martial arts, want someone to help them in their training.  Some prefer to do this more privately or just prefer to have the individual focus and attention that our program provides.

Basic Process of our Martial Arts Home Study Program

  1. First, you train and practice in the comfort of your own home or private dojo.  If you need help in setting up your martial arts training environment, we will provide advice for doing that too. We can even arrange a private training session that includes helping you get your area set up too. Contact us for details on these additional programs.
  2. Next, you share a video with us demonstrating your training in a specific martial art tactic, from a chosen level or current level of training.
  3. Finally, we will then review your training video (this is our main service) and we will reply with a personalized message or video (HSP Pro) review explaining what you did well and what you need to work on. If you are testing for certification, you also are told whether you have passed or failed and how to improve. We will be honest with you and give you feedback that helps you to grow.

Our Ranking Certification and Martial Art Home Study System

There are 5 ranks or  levels in the Martial Science system of our martial arts home study program.

Each ranking level contains about 18 specific martial arts or related techniques.

For those looking to help us teach (coach the system with others in the area you live), we have a strategy for you to do this upon your first certification. You will be allowed to coach others in the system and to share the training information as a Ninja Gym Club Coach.

Joining our Martial Arts Home Study Program

When you decide to join our online martial arts program, you will also get a digital package of information. This package will include your program agreement, HSP paperwork required to start training in the martial arts home study and some useful information that will help to kick start your program.

Why do people join?

Following are some of the reasons that people decide to train with us or consider the martial arts home study program:

  • You have always wanted to learn some martial arts
  • A desire to train like a ninja or learn Ninjitsu
  • Interest in learning from a real martial artist
  • Prefer an Instructor that devoted their life to the art
  • Passion for training in a well-rounded martial art
  • Need a realistic self-defense system
  • You have difficulty (or handicapped) attending a local class
  • Can not find any martial art classes in your area
  • Hard to find the quality of instruction we offer
  • You are looking for a martial arts home study course

What will you learn?

Whatever your reason is, we are here to provide a solution.  With our martial arts home study program and NinjaGym® mixed martial arts, you will discover a complete martial art system designed for beginners or advanced students alike. Here are a few of the things we teach:

  • How to train in Ninja Gym mixed martial arts
  • Stretching for the martial arts
  • Properly perform martial arts rolls, fall, kicks, and strikes
  • Learn to perform realistic martial arts forms
  • Use the Ninja elements as a response to life challenges
  • Apply Martial Arts Combat Grappling
  • Develop a martial arts mind and philosophy
  • Program natural reactions for martial arts
  • Implementing Ninja Mind control
  • Be a self-taught martial artist
  • Use martial arts to improve the memory
  • Martial arts weapons and everyday items for self-defense

The typical process for online martial arts training is for a company to simply give you access to a few videos. This isn’t very personalized.  With learning the martial arts online, you really need a guide to help you perform at your best.  As part of NinjaGym, you get personalized reviews and guidance with our martial art and Ninja Home Study Program, every step of the way.

The absolute best way to learn the martial arts is to have someone that knows you, to be coaching you through the entire process of learning.

Mind, Body, and Spirit in the martial arts

You learn much more than a martial art online. Master Instructor Rick Tew developed the methods for NinjaGym to give students from around the globe, a practical, interesting and martial art system online that follows the traditions and philosophy of a modern Ninja warrior.

This training is not limited to the physical skills of the martial arts or self-defense, but also the mind power and mental skills needed to succeed in any area of your life.  The goal is for you to be a Black Belt in what you do and master the mental martial arts.

This online martial arts program provides self-powered training lessons and tools for personal growth and maximizing your potential through a well developed and up-to-date form of a traditional martial arts philosophy. It is the perfect mind and body home study for martial arts.

Some other benefits of learning martial arts at home include:

  • As a Student, you can go at your own pace and speed
  • Study in the comfort of your own home
  • You get unique, remote martial arts training on your terms
  • Feel free to attend a live ninja martial art camp that reflects this training
  • All fees can be deducted from our in-person training camps

Getting the best Training for Today’s Modern Ninja Warrior

In Ninja Gym we work hard to provide up-to-date training. We consider a well rounded martial artist to be required to be called a Total Warrior (which we define as a modern-day Ninja).  To be well rounded you need training and information that includes both traditional and modern martial arts training. The Martial Science program is your solution for becoming well-rounded or mixed martial artist, a ninja based on reality.

  • Welcome to a program and system that follows old-school concepts where the student is the most important aspect of the Martial Arts home study and not just its Instructor.
  • We provide a complete martial arts home study training program for the martial arts as well as modern and traditional Ninjitsu. If you want to learn the Martial Arts online, this program is for you.
  • You can learn realistic ninja tactics, real self-defense skills and all without having to pay a monthly fee to attend a martial arts school or Ninja Dojo.

Maybe you are just searching for something more interesting and active than reading a Ninja comic book, watching a Ninja in a movie or laughing at a Ninja turtle as he rolls across the big screen. You want to be on the inside of all this action and you can.

We will coach you in our in-depth multi-martial arts at home system, developed to teach any competent student the martial arts online and even all the way to Black Belt if that is your goal.

We offer an amazing self-powered martial arts course with an instructor supported process so you can learn the martial arts at home and train in Ninjitsu too.

From the Master Instructor Rick M. Tew 

Hi, I am Rick and I’ve been involved with the Martial Arts and Ninja training philosophies for over 20 years. In this time, I have embarked on many adventures and experienced many successes (including many failures).

I have taught thousands of martial arts related classes and coached people (to Be a Black Belt in What They Do) through the mental martial arts that I call, “Winjitsu.” I have instructed students, martial arts schools and companies looking for a unique speaker. My system of martial arts (mental and physical) has proven time and again to be beneficial for any participant desiring to improve their life.

Training in the Martial arts put me into a goal setting lifestyle

The training I went through in the martial arts, what I have endured and maintaining a positive state-of-mind, was the catalyst and skeleton key for opening a variety of doors in my life, here are a few examples:

  • Created a unique Martial Science system
  • Developed a Modern Ninjutsu style  
  • Travel and continue to Travel the world teaching the martial arts
  • Owned and managed martial art schools
  • Managed and ran numerous Ninja camps
  • Enjoyed working as a choreographer and stuntman trainer
  • Brainstormed and created successful websites
  • Wrote the 5 book series on “WINJITSU” the mental martial art system
  • Lived and taught in Europe, Asia, and the United States

The list above is actually very small and doesn’t come close to listing my many goals or achievements that I was lucky to have experienced.  I started with many small goals, like: 

  • Learn the martial arts
  • Get the splits and do amazing kicks
  • Earn a real black belt in a realistic martial art
  • Be on TV, on the cover of a magazine 
  • Do Public Speaking

I needed to start somewhere and you can too.

In my youth, I set the goal to be a Ninja (as silly as that sounds), which led to creating my own system. I have had goals to live in Europe, to live on an island and even to live in a hotel.  Goals included traveling and living in exotic places like Thailand (where I completed the goal of writing a book).  All of these goals I accomplished through my martial arts training.  The most important by far is the level of freedom I have experienced. To do What I want:

…Where I want
…When I want
…Why I want
…and with Whom I want.

Becoming a martial arts teacher was my childhood dream. That dream (along with many others), turned into a reality. This martial art system truly combines together the Mind, the Body, and the life Spirit. This is what made it a great adventure the whole way through.”

If your life was a book, would you be interested in reading it?

Everything from more than 20 years in the business shared with you too.  Mr. Tew has taught students from all backgrounds and helped them reach their personal goals in life and in the martial arts.

Join us today and be a Student of change and go on to enjoy your own level of success.  Personal growth is only one area of development that our martial art home study program has to offer.


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