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Reverse Roll/Back Roll

How to do a Reverse Roll in the Martial Arts

If you haven’t done so already, please read Rick Tew’s Intro to Martial Art Rolls and Falls by following the link below:

Martial Art Rolls and Falls

Reverse Roll

Designed for falling backward and/or broadening the distance between oneself and an attacker.

  • Lift the lead leg forward and sit straight down onto the heel of your rear leg

Rick Tew Martial Arts Reverse Roll

  • Lower your head arching your back, eyes focused in front of you.
  • Allow the momentum of your body to carry you into the roll.

Rick Tew Martial Arts Reverse Roll

  • Keep the head to one side as both legs go over the opposite shoulder.
  • Keep the feet tucked during the roll coming up into a defensive position.

Rick Tew Martial Arts Reverse Roll


  • Trip on something going back
  • Pickup objects while rolling back
  • When being pushed back onto ground
  • Roll up onto objects such as a table
  • Distract opponent in eyes (Finger strike or thrown contents into face) – go into reverse roll at an angle forward to the rear of opponent for an attack.

Reverse Roll in Practice

Duck – Jump – Reverse Roll Training Martial Arts Program California

Bo Staff – Jump – Reverse Roll – Kip Training

Jumping Front Kick – Beach Kick – Reverse Roll

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