• Martial Arts Camp California

    California Summer Martial Arts Adventure Camp

    1-4 Week Ninjitsu Multi-Martial arts with American Ninja Rick Tew
    July 2018

    Perfect for beginners looking for an intro to the martial arts or Instructors looking to get Certification

    Choose the number of weeks you would like to attend below in the quantity.

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  • Martial Arts Home Study Program

    Learn Martial Arts Online with the NinjaGym® Mixed Martial Arts Home Study Program and Online Black Belt home study course. Providing the benefits of having a personal martial arts Instructor while at home.

    The NinjaGym® HSP (Martial Arts Home Study Program)

    This is an Online Black Belt home study course. This martial arts home study program is designed to give you the benefits of having an Instructor or Coach while at home.

    You too can have your own personal martial arts instructor

    Proven strategies that work, are simple to follow and you can learn martial arts online. This is not just a series of training videos, you get REAL text or video feedback from a real person. We will coach you towards becoming a certified Black Belt online or you can focus on learning the Martial Arts at home. You can learn all about the martial arts, the Martial Science and what modern Ninjitsu has to offer.

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  • Martial Arts Instructors Certification Program

    For those looking for a long term martial arts adventure lifestyle while learning a new skill and becoming an Instructor in the Martial Science.

    Rick Tew teaches people how to become instructors, leaders, and coaches in an area of expertise that they love so that they can create a life around their own needs and desires. This program is for anyone that wants a drastic change in their mental or physical skills.

    Whether you want to be an instructor of the Martial Arts, get into better shape, get out of the daily grind, or take on a new travel adventure, join our program now to get a life changing experience at a price you can afford.

    Beginner or advanced Students are welcome to train with us on Ko Samui Island, Thailand. Learn how to teach martial arts as a career or part-time Ninja MMA job or just add to your leadership and management skills.

    Take a vocational vacation and learn how to teach Martial Arts classes while improving your fitness and getting some adventure.  We have VERY limited space, so act now and get the best deals for 2018. You can learn what it takes to be a qualified Martial Arts Instructor with a few private weeks or a year of private group training.


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  • Ninja-MMA Martial Arts & Fitness Beach Retreat

    Come to beautiful Ko Samui in Thailand for an Intensive Modern Ninjitsu Multi-Martial Arts Experience!

    This Ninja-MMA Beach Retreat Program is for students that want to invest time each day into learning multiple martial art skills (mental, physical, strikes, kicks, weapons, self-defense, stances, rolls, falls, etc), and have the option to practice and train in grappling and full-contact sparring (commonly known as mixed martial arts). Founded on the principles of Modern American Ninjitsu as taught by Rick Tew, students will get a complete course in mind, body, and spirit.

    The Program is designed to work for students of all levels of martial arts experience. From highly motivated beginners to highly dedicated advanced students.

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  • Rent a moped on Koh Samui with Ninja Gym

    Program Upgrades by NinjaGym®

    Looking to upgrade your martial arts, fitness or personal development program?  This purchase provides you a number of add-ons to your base program.  You can purchase an add-on credit which is good towards your program.  Here is the current list of upgrades:

    • Meal Plan (2X per day excluding weekends)
    • Private Lessons 10x (1 hour each)
    • Private Life Coaching 10x (1 hour each)
    • Video your training (videos and photos of your training)
    • Moped Rental
    • Rooms and Accommodation

    If you would like twice the amount, then you can purchase the same upgrade twice.  For example, maybe you would like 20 hours of the private lesson upgrade instead of 10, then you would simply purchase it two times by simply increasing the quantity.  The same goes for how many weeks you would like any room or upgrade.

    Upgrades and Add-ons are limited on all programs. Get these early if you can so we can prepare.

    Contact us directly if you would like to purchase a custom upgrade.


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