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How to do Stunt Falls, Wall Flips and Stunt Fighting in the Martial Arts

Basic training in the Martial Science (Rick Tew’s Multi-Martial art) has many applications outside of Self-defense. For example, in the following TV commercial, Rick Tew (stuntman and choreographer) has his Students using some training in Stunt falls to fulfill roles as additional Stuntmen.

One of the locations we use for training our Stunt Falling and Fighting is the beach as seen in the .wmv Beach Stunts video below:

The beach and sand offer a great location for training as you can use the sand as a natural cushion and the angle of the sand bank to offer variable heights for falling. This particular beach is a popular location for filming and was the beach often used by the TV show Bay Watch as well as popular movies like Charlies Angels.

In the video below, Rick Tew performs an air fall on a hard surface for a group of martial artists in a typical Martial Science seminar. This air fall is key when learning to do stunts and practicing to land without injury.

The video below demonstrates the High Dive Roll which has many practical uses and one of the foundational techniques taught to stunt people who are focused on being able to fly through the air and land on the ground safely.

This next video demonstrates one of the more advanced Body Movements and is called a Wall Flip. In this demonstration Sensei Tew is flipping over the person behind him which requires more energy when pushing off of the wall as opposed to just flipping and landing close to the wall.

In the above photos, you will notice a chair in the image. This chair can be considered a natural part of the environment. When learning your falls and rolls, it is key to also learn various applications – such as rolling and picking up an object or in this case, a chair.

In the video below Rick Tew performs a forward flip over a moving obstacle (in this case – a chair). The training below requires perfect timing so as not to get hit in the shins or knees with the chair. Although we used a real chair for this demonstration, on the set of a film studio we would use a break-away chair or something that would cause less damage to the stunt person.

This next video shows an advanced student of the Martial Science (and part time stunt man Ortwin Cyrus) performing one of the more advanced body movement techniques called a Back Handspring.

In the videos below we go over a few of the basics in stunt fighting. This is a beginners class and the students are new to stunt fighting and falling.

These videos are only here to give you an idea of the basics of stunt falling and fighting. The best way to prepare yourself for training as a stunt man or woman is to practice your rolls and falls while adding advanced body movements for additional flare and excitement. Following are some tips to keep in mind:

01 Keep a safe distance from your partner and know your distance at all times. This requires good eye and hand (or foot) coordination as well as expert timing. The secret is to change the angle so that the distance between two people is not visible. At least 1 foot is a good starting point.

02 Wear the appropriate padding and safety gear that allows you to not only move freely for the techniques, but also to perform them over and over again without injury.

03 Use rubber, foam or break-away (items designed to break themselves and not you) materials.

04 Prepare your environment in advance with appropriate safety materials. There are many strategies used to break your fall and in film, the secret is to create a safe landing environment that is not detectable by the camera (for example, having a firm mat buried under the dirt). You can also use boxes and tires as a way to break your fall while still maintaining action.

05 Your body movement skills are key. Practice your rolls and falls until they are natural reactions.

If you haven’t done so already, please read Rick Tew’s Intro to Martial Art Rolls and Falls by following the link below:

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by Rick Tew

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