The Easiest Exercise to Increase Your Longevity

I begin my Martial Science training class with breathing exercises. This is the first and most important way to begin your day and we make it part of our morning routine here in Koh Samui, Thailand. Though we take this concept with us wherever we go and it is one of the major reasons we do a majority of our training outside. In the summer, we will spend the entire month of July training beginner and advanced students at our summer camp in California.

I believe that breathing is so important that it is also the first part of our Make Life a BLAST program. The B of BLAST represents Breath. Not only breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth but also a mindset that aligns with mental concepts like:

Breathe new life into something.

Many people come to our program to do just that. A key ingredient for waking up to a new life or getting the energy to start fresh is to start taking in something new and healthy.

A new life pattern of exercise alone can make a difference to last a lifetime. For us, breathing is representing the following areas:

1. The air you breathe
This is the oxygen that you take in to feed your cells. Your body needs the best air you can consume on a daily basis. If you are trapped in a room all day, you are breathing used up old air. How long can you live without air? Now consider how much longer you might live by giving yourself more quality air over time.

2. Breathing in new life
This has a lot more to do with life change and improvement. When feeling stagnant or stuck, one of the fastest ways to get back on track is to get something new and exciting in your life. Take some time off for yourself and get into the groove again. This is important in order to feel fulfilled in life. We created the monthly BLAST camp program to provide our Students with enough time to truly get set into routines.

3. Exercise and Energy
Getting air into your lungs and deep breathing are essential for good health. Making sure that you have a routine workout program is key for maintaining a high level of energy too. Many people can kickstart their life again simply by taking the time to jump into a quality exercise routine that makes their heart and lungs work hard.

4. The way you share and use your breath to communicate. Your outlook on life.

When you breath out and use you mouth and tongue in a unique way you form speech. But what you say and the way you say it is important to your overall health as anything else.

How do you share your breath? What is the message that you share with others when you speak? Just as it is key to have quality air coming in, you need to be sending out quality air and messages that are in alignment with a positive lifestyle.

Many of us are trapped using our breath to share doubts, fears, dislikes, and discomfort. Instead, focus on how you can share your breath to focus on passions, likes, courage, and how to help others.

Take the time to take a break and focus on your breathing each day. Go outside and take a deep breath of fresh air and focus your mind on what’s good in your life.

A good breathing break would be to breathe in deep through your nose for 3-5 seconds, hold it in your abdomen for 3-5 seconds and then take 3-5 seconds to release the air out through your mouth. Repeat 3-5 times per session with at least 3-5 times a day.

If you find that you often forget to breathe or take breathing breaks, then you will need to find a way to remind yourself to do so. This is easiest if you connect it with something you do often. Do you take time to stretch? Then add your breathing there too. Take a class that has your following a routine of deep breathing.

All of this is part of a good martial arts program and will help you stay on track as well as learn various breathing exercises. In our training, we even have specific breathing patterns associated with various elements to help you to remember the patterns.

So make your life a BLAST now.  Take a deep breath in, think of something that rocks your world and then allow that breath to be released as you smile inside and consider how awesome you really are.

Have a greater day with these simple tips.

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